Dry screw vacuum pump

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Dry screw vacuum pump

The screw vacuum pump has a recovery system, which is fully in line with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and is more widely used. But why is the market share of dry-type screw vacuum pump not high? In addition to the price plateau, there are also users who do not have a good understanding of the dry vacuum pump and can not see the future economic benefits brought to the enterprise. This paper focuses on how to optimize the selection of dry vacuum pump?

For these different types of dry vacuum pump, we are eager to be able to reduce its physical size. But this is in contradiction with the pumping rate of the vacuum pump, because the pumping rate of the vacuum pump is directly proportional to the volume of the vacuum pump. Small physical size means small volume. Of course, there is also an important factor that affects the pumping rate of vacuum pump, that is, the rotational speed. In order to match the pumping rate of small size vacuum pump with that of large size vacuum pump, it is necessary to increase its speed.

There are two ways to change the speed of vacuum pump, one is to change the frequency of power supply, that is to use frequency converter; the other is to change the transmission ratio of gearbox. The advantage of frequency converter is that it can provide a closed-loop control, but it is easy to cause torque loss under heavy load. Changing the gear ratio of the gearbox is a very economical method. Of course, it can only provide a single speed which is not controllable.

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