ging detection

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ging detection

Aging detection is a process of simulating various factors involved in the actual use conditions of the product to carry out corresponding conditions and strengthening experiments. This experiment is mainly for plastic materials. Common aging mainly includes light aging, damp heat aging, and hot air aging. . The product is used outdoors for a long time under the sun. If you want to know the life of the product can be used outdoors, it is necessary to simulate the sun's ultraviolet light to perform a UV aging experiment. Of course, the intensity of the experiment is much greater than the actual outdoor light intensity, thus shortening the test time , You can understand the aging status of the product after how many years of use through a short-term test.

Aging detection test range

Plastic/rubber products (including PP, PVC, natural rubber, etc.), especially product plastic shells, plastic fasteners, etc.

Coating/adhesive products (industrial coatings, architectural coatings), especially coatings for outdoor use.

Outdoor decorations (including outdoor light boxes, outdoor electroplating parts, etc.). More test ranges should be determined according to specific test requirements.

The breakdown of products that can be tested by aging test is as follows:

The aging test of plastic products includes: plastic particles, plastic wires, plastic ropes, plastic belts, hoses, rigid pipes, corrugated pipes, plastic sheets, plastic films, plastic switches, plastic doors and windows, plastic rods, artificial leather, cables, foam materials, plastics Profiles, car accessories, etc.

Rubber products aging tests include: hoses, sealing rings, films, conveyor belts, sealing strips, insulating sheaths, tires, rubber pads, hoses, conveyor belts, rubber materials, waterproof membranes, car accessories, etc.

Coating adhesive aging tests include: anti-corrosion coating, waterproof coating, heat insulation coating, high temperature resistant coating, conductive coating, potting adhesive, self-adhesive, hot melt adhesive, universal adhesive, etc.

Metal salt spray test materials: steel, metal components, etc.

Test Equipment

Specification for flammability test of building materials and products

Canadian Requirements for the Combustibility of Building Mat

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