Waste heat recovery of air compressor

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Waste heat recovery of air compressor

Air compressor in the process of work produces very large heat energy, but let it white out to the air is a very pity, so there is what we call air compressor waste heat recovery. The waste heat recovery of air compressor is to transfer the heat of high temperature oil of air compressor to cold water through superheat exchange technology. The cold water is heated and flows into the heat preservation water tank, so as to achieve the purpose of heat recovery.

Because 73% of the heat energy of the air compressor is in the oil, and the technical treatment and heat exchange of the oil will produce a continuous stream of hot water, that is, the air compressor can work under constant temperature, and can meet the needs of the factory or life of hot water, kill two birds with one stone, and the hot water generated by the waste heat recovery technology of air compressor does not need any additional cost, which reduces the cost Less investment by factories to make hot water. Air compressor waste heat recovery is a very environmental protection and energy saving way.

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