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The biggest regret in life is that it is wrong to insist on what should not be adhered to, and easily give up what should not be given up. ����Inscription Mr. Jin Yong said a story in ��Not angry, win��. There is a famous person in Taiwan called Yin Haiguang. ��He and Lei Zhen��s magazine ��Free China�� have been running for 10 years and the result was Chiang Kai-shek. After the counterattack, Lei Zhen was shut down. "Insufficient Yin Haiguang was not shut down Cheap Cigarettes, but one day when he was eating, he remembered Chiang Kai-shek, and he was too angry to eat. Later, Yin Haiguang got stomach cancer, died at the age of 49, and his enemy lived to 88 years old. If Yin Haiguang��s mentality was flat at the time, the road behind him would be flat. If the state of mind changes, the attitude will change; the attitude changes, the habit changes; the habit changes Cigarettes Online, the personality changes; the personality changes, and life changes. Like a flower, the fade in front of the eyes is a reality, and the blooming in the past is over. The flowers bloom and bloom for a lifetime. He was a boy who was fighting in class at Columbia University. The boring political science made him not live. Interested, so his results are counted as no suspense Online Cigarettes. This is the bottom of his life, but he did not live a quiet life in this trough. He transferred to a computer and became famous as a fish. Today, when he looks back, he still appreciates that time, this shadow has made his career brilliant. Li Kaifu's network flower, when it was defeated, flattened the mentality, and finally bloomed. This opening and closing has made an online elite. Every day we wake up is a new beginning and another opportunity. Why waste time on self-pity, laziness, selfishness? Attitude determines success or failure. Regardless of the good or bad situation, we must adopt a positive attitude and let frustration instead of enthusiasm. After all, things depend on how we look at them. When I recall the past, history tells me that there is a flower and a flower.
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