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I don't think I will exist in this society as a simple "economic man". In fact, I have flesh and blood, dare to love and hate, and I also yearn for the warmth of family. When I stepped on my brother's arm and completed my so-called life step by step, I was thinking, I should do more than they. God gave me enough courage, and now I want to say to you: I want to hold your hand tightly. I want to hold your hand and warm your world. Perhaps I have always been cold, I have already made your relationship stiff like a frozen deep sea. You are very disappointed. Maybe you think that I am deliberate, but you don't care. I have been trying to break the gap between you and me. Even every time I am crying, I will hide from me. I will not let you see. This is yours. I have always understood that bitterness and sorrow. In fact, I also want to be close to you, do you know? I am not "cold-blooded" Cigarettes Online, and it is not an age when I am still not sensible. I have been working hard to find someone who treats you sincerely. I am stunned in the deep sea of ??ice Cigarettes For Sale, looking for the gap of hope, I hope you can reach out a hand, then let me hold it tight and never let go. This time, let me warm you up, even if you want to sacrifice something, when you are sad and sad, please grab my hand, I want to comfort you, warm your world; when you want to run hard Please also grab my hand, this time I will give you directions and warm your world; when you feel helpless, please grab my hand, I want to shelter you from the wind and warm you. The world I want to hold your hand and accompany you to the old age. I always pouted that I will not take care of you in the future. I wonder if these words are placed on your heart? I admit, I am a person who has a bad heart. Sometimes I say that I am very disgusted. You are mad at me every time, but after each time, you still care about me silently. I like the way you are "infuriating" for me, because that makes me think that you care about me. My hope, you can understand, because I care too much about you, so I deliberately "harm" you, how selfish I am between you and the great. But I don't understand why. What is your own bad? If you give me enough time to save my courage, maybe I will be able to say aloud to you: I want to hold your hand and accompany you to the old age Online Cigarettes. I want to hold your hand and open up your dreams. . You said that you have a dream, but due to the limitations of real conditions, you finally have to give up it. Now I am pursuing my so-called dream on the road of life. So far, everything seems to be going smoothly. Because there is you. Your support and guardianship have become the only capital that I can squander my youth. You are my dependence and the one I want most. But now, I want to be your reliance, guarding you, warming you, when you encounter life's ups and downs, don't be afraid, because there is me behind you, although the strength is weak, not enough to resist any wind and heavy rain, but believe, I will Work hard, become your reliable trust, I will open up your dreams of youth, youth, light and shadow, time is running, I have to do a lot of things, but at this moment just want to hold your hand, let the warmth accompany you and me
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