If I am the candy kinging the Spring Festival

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If I am the candy kinging the Spring Festival, my mother bought me a lot of candy and ate these sweet candy, which made me have a lot of fantasies. I am a candy king, I want to design a special lollipop for candy lovers. This lollipop entrance is first of all sweet and sour pineapple flavor, followed by a sweet mulberry and apple flavor and a watermelon flavor; the last is a sour lemon flavor with a sweet cherry and pear flavor. Let people eat one and taste the sweetness of all the fruits. I seem to hear the praises of those who tasted the candy.I am a candy king, I want to build a candy garden. First of all, I will lead you to the door made of biscuits. After entering the gate, there are many flowers to open. These purple flowers are grape, mulberry and plum. Red is apple, cherry, peach and watermelon, and strawberry. Orange is orange and glazed. Yellow is lemony, cantaloupe and pear. White is coconut and milky. The road under the foot is sandwiched between chocolate stones and a soft cake. It is very comfortable to walk on. In front of me, I used the candy wrapper to make a pulp and process it into a juice river. I also used a milk and juice from my latest research Newport 100S Carton, poured them into a cup and stirred them up. It tasted great. I am a candy king, I want to create a candy planet, I am developing a magic wand on the candy planet. I used magic wands to make candy planet buildings, vehicles and stationery, toys, and flowers and trees into candy. Then I returned to Earth with a chocolate ship and asked humans to move to this desertless planet Carton Of Newport 100S. Finally, I turned the earth into a planet like a candy planet. Many people were created and warned them: "You must protect such a natural environment, do not pollute the air, rivers, and do not cut trees, which will leadhe blue sky is full of white clouds, the white clouds are running with the horses... If I am a white cloud, let the sun shine on me, accompany the blue sky, be friends with the breeze, and fly freely in the sky. How wonderful! one day, I really become a white cloud floating in the blue sky, I will enjoy the sunshine every day, appreciate the bright earth Cigarettes Wholesale, float freely in the sky, and sometimes become a Mercedes The horse, sometimes turned into a mighty stone lion, sometimes turned into a flying eagle, and sometimes turned into a leisurely old cow... countless small drops of water are gathered like a market Newport Cigarettes Carton Price, I Gradually grew up and became a large cloud. day, I drifted to a poor village. Seeing that the people in the village work constantly everythe harsh winter, I made a piece of white quilt with my body and covered it on the crop Cigarettes Marlboro. As the saying goes: "The winter wheat cover is three layers, and the next year, sleeping on the head." I let people see the hope of a bumper harvest in the heavy snow.he spring, with the cheerful singing of the birds, people keep working in the fields. I am also busy, spreading the blood to the earth, nourishing the trees, the seedlings, and the crops turn green. Looking from afar, the golden rapeseed in the misty rain swayed in the spring breeze, exuding the fragrance, a charming spring.the midsummer, the sun shines on the earth. The crops and saplings are listless, and the branches are weary and drooping, covered with dust. Seeing this scene, I can't help but shed tears. When the plants were washed, they were spotlessly clean and full of vitality. They swayed in the wind, as if to he autumn, the golden millet grains are full, and the autumn wind smiles and bends, and the waves are turned upside down. People are happily harvesting crops. The sky is high, although I am getting thinner, but looking at people's smiles, I feel an unprecedented happiness!

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