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SALT LAKE CITY -- U.S. Speedskating wrapped up its Short Track World Cup Qualifier on Sunday with three-time Olympic medalist J.R. Celski dominating for a second consecutive day. The event was used to determine the ISU World Cup team, which is scheduled to be announced Monday.Celski swept all four events over the two days, including wins in the 500 meters (41.380 seconds) and 1,000 (1:24.926) on Sunday.World Cup veteran John-Henry Krueger placed second in the 500 in 41.594 and third in the 1,000 in 1:25.061.I was focused on consistency and keeping my composure in each race, said Krueger, who had two second-place finishes Saturday. Im still pretty young, so I dont know if its right to say Im in my prime yet. In the sport of short track, youre always improving. You never reach a max level.Im focusing on the 2018 Olympics right now. Thats my main focus, just trying to build up my armor and the dream is to win gold.Thomas Insuk Hong took third in the 500 in 41.665 and Keith Carrol Jr. was second in the 1,000 in 1:25.041.The 22-year old Kimberly Goetz was the overall womens winner by placing second in all four events, including the 500 (44.308) and 1,000 (1:43.665) on Sunday. Two-time Olympic medalist Katherine Reutter, who has come out of retirement, won the 1,000 in 1:43.506 and Kristen Santos was third in 1:43.901. Jessica Smith-Kooreman won the 500 (44.296) and Santos was third in 44.416.Goetz has made the last two World Cup teams and came in with the goal of winning the overall event. Shes more focused on learning this World Cup season with the hope of gaining the experience necessary to make an Olympic run at the PyeongChang Games in 2018.Its nice to have Katherine back and racing girls with a lot more experience than I have between her and Jessica Smith, Goetz said. Its good to kind of compare myself to them and Ive got a few weeks to work on things.Im definitely the rookie out there in terms of the top three or four girls. ... Im making baby steps. I dont feel like Im anywhere close to where I can be or where Id like to be. But Im definitely on my way. Ive got a lot to learn. ... I feel like Ive got 50 percent of it down and Im still missing that racing part.Goetz, Reutter, Smith-Kooreman, Santos, April Shin and Katherine Ralston finished the weekend as the top six women in the AmCup standings and are likely to be the six named to the World Cup team.Celski, Krueger, Carroll Jr., Adam Callister, Hong and Ryan Pivirotto were the top six men in the AmCup standings and are also likely to make the World Cup team. Balenciaga Triple s Nere . Belfort (24-10) needed just 77 seconds to down Henderson in the headlining bout of Saturdays "UFC Fight Night: Belfort vs. Henderson" event at Goiania Arena in Goiania, Brazil. The fight served as a rematch of the pairs 2006 meeting, which Henderson won by decision. Adidas Nmd Uomo . The deal is pending a physical, assistant general manager Bobby Evans said. Traded from Seattle to Baltimore on Aug. 30, Morse also can play first base and right field to give manager Bruce Bochy some flexibility in writing his lineup. http://www.scarpeadidasofferte.it/scarpe-nmd-r1.html . He just needed to be his best twisting, turning acrobatic self. "I didnt need to be anybody else, I just needed to be myself and be aggressive," said Burks, who scored a career-high 34 points to spark the Utah Jazz to a 118-103 victory over the Denver Nuggets on Monday night. Nike Presto Uomo . Denis Coderre, the former federal MP who was elected mayor on Nov. 3, has drawn the ire of some Montreal Canadiens. During last nights game he tweeted: "Hello? Can we get a one-way ticket to (minor-league) Hamilton for David Desharnais please. Nike Vapormax Italia .ca looks back at the stories and moments that made the year memorable.Major League Baseball has suspended Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and 2011 league MVP Ryan Braun without pay for the remainder of the 2013 season for PED use. That means hes out for the final 65 games of the season. As a result of the suspension, Braun will forfeit $3.25 million. This is what Braun and his lawyers came up with as far as a prepared statement: "As I have acknowledged in the past, I am not perfect. I realize now that I have made some mistakes. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions. This situation has taken a toll on me and my entire family, and it ... has been a distraction to my teammates and the Brewers organization. I am very grateful for the support I have received from players, ownership and the fans in Milwaukee and around the country. Finally, I wish to apologize to anyone I may have disappointed - all of the baseball fans especially those in Milwaukee, the great Brewers organization, and my teammates. I am glad to have this matter behind me once and for all, and I cannot wait to get back to the game I love." Why didnt Braun say he did PEDs? While Braun agreed to the suspension, he does not expressly admit in his statement that he used PEDs; he just says mistakes were made. Presumably, that was done to avoid incriminating himself (any further). His lawyers want to insulate Braun from potential criminal or civil liability. While that may never come into play, his lawyers want to be extra careful with what Braun says and admits. Why a 65-game suspension? MLB suspended Braun under its Drug Policy called the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. The Drug Policy provides for a suspension of 50 games for the first violation, 100 games for the second and banishment for the third. The Drug Policy also provides that absent a positive drug test, MLB can rely on other evidence to show that a player has used or possessed PEDs. Thats called a non-analytical positive. Thats what happened here. The Drug Policy also provides that a player may be suspended if he has facilitated the sale or distribution of PEDs. For baseball, facilitation could include lying about a connection to Biogenesis, since that would interfere with the investigation into the anti-aging clinic. Back to the 65 games. The length of the suspension suggests that a deal was reached. While its tough to know for sure without being a performance enhanced fly on the wall during negotiations, the sides may have agreed to dispose of the matter, including a guarantee of no appeal, in exchange for meeting somewhere in the middle – or close to it. I thought baseball said it might suspend players for 100 games. So does the 65 game suspension suggest that MLB didnt think it had a great case? No - quite the opposite. In order to agree to a suspension without a positive drug test, while also forfeiting the right of appeal, Brauns lawyers must have concluded that the evidence against their client was substantial and overwhelming. If it wasnt, Brauns lawyers would have vigorously contested the matter. Indeed, the circumstances as a whole suggest MLBs case was strong. Didnt Braun test positive for PEDs back in 2011? Yes. Braun tested positive for an elevated testosterone level in 2011 (20 times the normal level), but that suspension was overturned by the arbitrator Shyam Das on a chain of custody issue involving Brauns sample. You might remember that Braun adamantly and dogmatically declared his innocence. In part, he said this about clearing his name: "I cant wait to get that opportunity. This is all B.S. I am completely innocent." Tell me more about the appeal. The Drug Policy provides that a sample is to be taken by a "collector", and further, the collector must, absent unusual circumstances, FedEx the sample out that "same day". In the case of Braun, the collector Dino Laurenzi, Sr. didnt FedEx the sample out that same day and Brauns lawyers successfully attacked the suspension on that basis. Baseball was incensed with Das ruling – and they had good reason. The same Drug Policy also provides that if a collector cant get a sample out the same day, he or she can store it in a "cool and secure" location. Thats precisely what the collector did; still Das found for Braun and reversed the suspension. Didnt Braun say something mean about the collector? He wasnt terribly polite. He said this: "There are a lot of things weve heard about the collection process, the collector, and some other people involved in the process that have certainly been concerning to us." Braun was suggesting that Mr. Laurenzi had somehow acted unprofessionally or unethically, and ultimately – and att the very least – had not properly discharged his duties.dddddddddddd Is that a problem from a legal standpoint? Defamation possibly comes into play. Defamation refers to saying something untrue that lowers a person in the esteem and minds of the public. Assuming that Braun was indeed dirty in 2011, Mr. Laurenzi could take the position that Braun defamed him. I dont think we will see Mr. Laurenzi file a lawsuit. Nevertheless, there is a reasonable basis upon which to consider the merits of such a claim. That last sentence was very lawyerly of you. Sorry. Ill try and avoid that. Does the 65 game suspension cover the 2011 positive drug test? Tough to know at this point. MLB did say it commends "Ryan Braun for taking responsibility for his past actions". So maybe the reference to past actions includes 2011. According to the T.J. Quinn from ESPNs Outside The Lines, the "evidence showed Braun used [a] sophisticated doping regimen for [an] extended period" of time. That may also suggest it did include 2011. Still, though, for now its not clear. Could the Brewers terminate Brauns contract? It would be tough. Very tough. Braun is owed $122 million through 2020, with a $15 million mutual option for 2021. Punishments for PED use are governed by the collectively bargained Drug Policy. So when a player tests positive, punishments are handled by the Drug Policy. Thats why the Drug Policy is there in the first place. Courts dont like it when a business has a specific policy in place dealing with a specific offence, and that business elects to ignore that specific policy and does its own thing. That is not, however, the complete answer. The player contract at Paragraph 7(b)(1) allows a team to terminate a contract if a player "fails, refuses or neglects to conform his personal conduct to the standards of good citizenship and good sportsmanship or to keep himself in first-class physical condition or to obey the clubs training rules." As well, Paragraph 7(b)(3), allows for termination if a player "fails, refuses or neglect to render his services hereunder or in any manner materially breach this contract." This is broad language and arguably may allow a team, for example, to allege that the use of PEDs had an adverse impact on a players health after he signed his deal, and on that basis he failed to discharge his obligations under his contract to keep himself in "first-class physical condition". That is hard to show. For example, unless a team can show a direct link between PED use and a players injury, they will fail in their bid to terminate or fire a player. A team could also argue that a player misrepresented himself before he signed a big deal, and on that basis they should be allowed to terminate the contract since they were not getting the player they thought they were getting. Again, though, the Drug Policy contemplates for drug use and how it should be handled. So thats your go-to document when a player tests positive. Fine....be that way. Could the Yankees terminate A-Rods contract? That would also be tough but may be worth considering. Rodriguez is 38-years-old as of July 27 and the Yankees owe him $86 million over the next 4 years (not including this season). The Yankees may believe they have better cheaper options available to them. Presumably, they would love nothing more than to rid themselves of his contract. In order to do so, they would have the very difficult task of showing that his injuries are the result of PED use. Again this is very tough to do and would likely not meet with success. However, the Yankees could look to void A-Rods contract with the real end game being a buyout on favourable terms. Why do lawyers charge for opening mail? Envelopes are heavy. Does Brauns suspension mean that all other players are also guilty? No. Braun accepting a suspension is not some type of admission that everyone else is guilty. Each case will be examined on its merits and different players may react differently. For example, another player faced with the same evidence as Braun may elect to contest the matter. That player could attack Anthony Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis and a key source of evidence. As someone who may have engaged in criminal activity, he lacks credibility and may have assisted the league with a view to insulating himself from liability. Indeed, Bosch is flawed. There may be upwards of 20 players suspended and to conclude that all players will go quietly is premature. This may just be the tip of the PED iceberg. Eric Macramalla is TSNs Legal Analyst and can be heard each week on TSN Radio 1050. You can follow him on Twitter @EricOnSportslaw. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale China NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Authentic Jerseys ' ' '

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