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The girl took a light step and quietly came to our lives, but also to the fields in the countryside. During the small and long holiday of the 70th anniversary of National Day, we drove to the grandma's house more than 20 kilometers away from the city. It is now the early autumn. Although there are no red leaves that are as red as fire, the forest is full, but there are not many beautiful sceneries. Looking at the mountains from afar, it is still as lush as in summer. But when I looked closer, the edges of the leaves were slightly yellowed, and some were curled, like a golden rim. Several persimmon trees behind the roadside house, covered with golden lantern-like large persimmons, made people salivate. Osmanthus just opened, but the flowers are still hanging on the branches, exuding a sweet fragrance. I saw a morning glory, and the blossoming flowers were like trumpets, as if cheering for the farmers working in the field. I seemed to hear one, one, two, and work harder! Horn sound. Between heaven and earth, Jin Cancan's rice grains were full and her head was gratifying. There was a boom of machine noise in my ears. Wow, it's a harvester! Look, one machine is two machines, threshing directly after harvesting, golden grains are flowing out of this big butt one by one dense layer after layer, which is really interesting. Although the dust around the harvester is very heavy, my interest is not diminished Newport 100S. I heard that it was manual harvesting a few years ago, and then slowly threshing it by hand, which was time-consuming and laborious. But now it's different. The farmer uncle is driving the harvester busy in the Tian family, the rumbling music keeps ringing. A happy and contented smile appeared on their bronze faces. In the vegetable field with my eyes on the side, the women are busy picking vegetables. Some of them are picking cowpea and loofah, and some are trying to pull something. I came closer to see the late-planted soybeans. The edamame pods are large and bulging, full as if to burst. The passionate aunty gave me several edamame seedlings, and I ran to the house with my mother to pick it off and peel it. I fried it at noon, and the fresh beans were tender and fragrant, so delicious. A hen's cry caught my attention. It turned out that the chicken that loved to work and laid eggs laid another egg. I quickly grabbed a handful of rice composition prizes and spread them on the ground Marlboro Cigarettes. She immediately pecked up and sang a few words while eating and holding up her head. So smug. Then pick up the newly laid egg in the chicken coop Parliament Cigarettes, the eggshell is crystal clear, and it is still warm in the hand!
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