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Han Han is one of my most admired writers. Even if my literary talent is not good, I try to read his articles every time and understand the meaning of the articles. Every time I read Han Han ��s article, I have an inexplicable excitement. After reading Han Han ��s work ��Miemen�� in a happy mood, I feel his humor and the profound meaning in the article again. People have to memorize the triple door, using the third-person narrative, through the perspective of young Lin Yuxiang and psychological activities, to reveal to us the true high school life, and to show the contradictions and problems of parent-child relationship, teacher-student relationship, and classmate relationship , Reflecting student-like thinking, confusion and dreams. Of course, there is also a small selfishness that everyone has. Han Han was thinking, excited, angry, fighting, and changing in his own way. Through those sharp, sharp and even mean words, we felt that the talent of a talented boy flashed at the beginning. The content is very interesting. Talking that Lin Yuxiang was forced by his father to carry ancient texts such as "Warring States Policy", his parents often quarreled at first. Later, because his mother was "discovered" to play mahjong, he often came out early and returned late. There is no one. The phrase "there is a madman in the casino, and a fool in the love room" tells the situation of the family, and the family is at ease. Because Lin Yuxiang knew the ancient texts when he was a child, he was very proud. For this reason, Lin Yuxiang's interpersonal relationship at school was not good, but later he met the rookie teacher at the school and patted the rookie teacher's fart, which caused the rookie teacher Getting along with Lin Yuxiang is also very harmonious. Later, the article wrote that Lin Yuxiang fell in love with Susan, a very beautiful girl, and wrote about Lin Yuxiang and another boy ��s love for Susan, and Lin Yuxiang ��s performance of Susan ��s obsession with love had retreated, and he had to make up for it On average Newport Cigarettes Coupons. When he was about to graduate in another semester, his parents began to worry about Lin Yuxiang's grades, and he told him around, but unfortunately the sky was not beautiful, Lin Yuxiang did not get into high school, and finally the helpless father had to send him to the city with money. Key secondary schools. In key high schools, he seemed even more shy. His foundation is too poor and he has no intention to learn, and he starts to fall slowly, as if everything in his life is so unpleasant. However, what happened to Lin Yuxiang's fate in the end, Han Han did not write it down. I think he may want to leave us a wide space for us to imagine. My favorite sentence at the end of the triple door is: "Walk or not? Maybe letting go of this will bother you, but you ca n��t let it go��for example, when you hold a convex stone with your hand, there is an abyss under your feet, and you know how to climb I ca n��t get up, my hands are bleeding and I do n��t know if I should put it or not. A lonely face melts in the setting sun. ��Many people inside the triple door have many things that make people have to be moved Marlboro Cigarettes. If you can come back, if you can make time go back, they are all beautiful and lively now. However, life is fair to anyone, and there is no draft in life. Lin Yuxiang, described by Han Han, can be said to be a representative of students now. Some students have been forced to read and write by their parents since childhood. There is no free time to entertain. My cousin, only 4 years old, has been forced to wear glasses; Some students ��families have divorced because their parents�� feelings are not the same, which has caused a deep shadow on their childhood; or some have not changed the traditional education model at all and continue to increase the burden on students, even on Saturdays and Sundays. Still have to make up lessons, even if there are education policies there, but they are private schools, the Education Bureau can not close. Or some students, at the age of the flowering season and the beginning of love, were troubledby some problems ... Always, "Three Doors" seems to be a story describing us Wholesale Cigarettes.We don't need to be vigorous, as long as we are under a pure heart, pure and pure, do our own good.
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