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By chance, I read Lu Sihao's "I'd like someone to accompany you" and I felt the same. The first time I saw the book, the title page read "Become my favorite person first, and then meet someone who doesn't need to please." I became interested in this book. Everyone's life is extremely short, maybe ordinary or unique, but they will walk along the path surrounded by flowers, and climb the cliffs of the tiger and dragon. As we go over the mountains and mountains, please don't ignore Xianshan Qiongge on the way, the breeze will be bright on the way in the future. Don't forget your original wish, don't forget your original intention, you can always.ome people commented on Lu Sihao in this way. He used songs to supplement his life, used exquisiteness to write about life, used walking to write a glorious history of loneliness for youth, and to be the best of ourselves, we must have perseverance. All the wayward qualifications in the world are reserved for those who show determination Cheap Cigarettes. After quietly becoming a sophomore, many of the buds of struggle may have germinated, or may be even more unexplored. At this point, seeing the efforts of others envy you and then turn back to live your own life, and why should you live the life you want. The plans and dreams without action are talks on paper. The word book that you bought is not just an arrangement of 26 letters. The downloaded public lessons are at best a pile of rubbish. What's the use of the original intention? Watching the friends around me daze at the word book every day, saying in their mouths to work hard from today, but maybe it is an invitation to call, maybe some meeting is held temporarily, or even just want to watch a video and play a game Cigarettes Online, It was in self-consolation that he had given up the opportunity to start again. At that time, did we ever think about it: when you are determined to persist anyway, you will not be qualified to be willful and qualified to "splurge" your youth? I am not a freshman in my sophomore year The perplexity of a person does not mean that he will not ask how long it will take if he finds a way. He will not turn back without resilience without hitting the south wall. Because of this, when I saw this book, I was so touched that I had a deep feeling of inferiority and guilt from the bottom of my heart Parliament Cigarettes. Seeing that some people of the same age are getting farther and farther, and I am still stepping in place, maybe backing out, how disappointed my parents should be. In my opinion, when our talents are not able to follow our ambitions, we must calm down and work hard. When we fall and can get up, do not wait until we are willing to regret later. The past is also past, learn from the lesson and continue to move forward with a smile, we can't just lose today because of a little discomfort today, let alone everything that was once? The success of the vast majority of people in the world does not depend on resentment or selfless resentment, or on purposeless running, not on the halfway road, but by spending a lot of unknown efforts. Lu Sihao said that he is not afraid of the night because of light in his heart. The dream is light, an immortal lamp in the heart, buried in the deepest part of each person's heart. It will not be worn away by the trivialities of life, but it will shine with the same age. Nowadays, as people get older, many people no longer have dreams in their hearts, and they dare not fight for them. For the beginning of life, we have no way to judge its gains and losses. Every story will have an ending, but for life, every end is a new beginning. I hope someone will accompany you and leave, if not, then become your own sun.
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