When the first cold win

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When the first cold wind in winter blew up, the fallen leaves in front of the house scrambled to dance again. There are always one or two naughty leaves, and I like to stop at my window and leave for a long time. When the wind blows, there will always be a touch of red and a touch of yellow on the small window sill, like an elf, dotted my soul. In the warm winter sun, my favorite thing is to lie on the window, watch the fallen leaves dance in the sunlight, and watch the fallen leaves hug the earth ... For three years, I have not returned to my hometown for three years. I remember the big tree in front of my hometown, and I also like to fall leaves in winter. She always so naughtily covered the fallen leaves in my vegetable garden, and always so mischievously let the fallen leaves penetrate into my window and float into my books, becoming my favorite bookmark of the year. It's been three years, and all three have spent the New Year in a foreign land. Every time I have a Chinese New Year, I can't bear to see the leaves dancing outside the window, and I dare not think about my loved ones who are far away from my hometown. I really want to run into the arms of grandparents; I really want to hug my newborn cousin; I want to stand in front of the window of my hometown and watch the falling leaves fly around in the past few years. Nestled in the room, together with parents, watched the Spring Festival Evening quietly. The occasional "Beep, Beep" sound reminds me that the new year is about to start again. Days are flowing day by day Parliament Cigarettes, I also leisurely swim in "Poems of Yu Guangzhong". Suddenly a "Nostalgia" caught my attention. Nostalgia? Mr. Yu Guangzhong, does this respectable old man have nostalgia? What will be his homesickness? "Baby, return to my hometown during the winter vacation!" Just as I thought thoughtfully, my mother interrupted my thoughts and joy like a happy bird, letting me happy fly to my hometown. Along the way, I was too nervous to fall asleep. Are grandparents okay at home? What does that new born kid look like? How about my new house? How is my room furnished? Is the big tree in front of the house still more than ten hours, I just kept looking out the window for a moment, watching that the familiar scenery was getting closer and closer to me, and my hometown was still snowing. The sun also occasionally showed a face among the gray clouds, revealing a little sunlight, warming me when I arrived home. I stood at the door of the house imaginatively, staring at everything around me: the house has changed a lot, like a small villa! Oh, that tree is still there, still like falling leaves so much ... "Baby, come back." Grandma rushed out of the house happily and hugged me in a daze. The familiar embracing made my tears like the tide of the flood, rushing out, and couldn't stop. "You, you grow so big, and still cry so much." Grandma laughed and wiped the tears from her eyes, pulling me into the house. The big and small in the room were greeted, just to welcome my house that was not warm for three years, the loved ones were so kind, the new born little guy was so cute, and I was immersed in happiness. Already. Suddenly my eyes stopped on the windowsill-ah! Fallen leaves! Piece by piece Carton Of Cigarettes, still so beautiful. After the wind blew, they left the rose-colored Xia's hometown on the snow-white windowsill. Each of us has a thick smile on our faces and gathers together for lunch happily. Grandma put a bowl of sweet dumplings in front of everyone, always staring at us to drink before being relieved Marlboro Gold. We always laughed and said that grandma's old stubbornness, but still drank it humorously ... I passed the year without knowing it. I stepped on the crowded train again, and tears slipped unconsciously. Looking out the window, the fallen leaves fell again in the wind, as if they were farewell to me. Watching the train gradually leave my hometown and leave the sky of my hometown, I couldn't help thinking of "Homesickness". Homesickness is not just a piece of falling leaves, but I was a scholar walking on that leaf and turned back, but found that hometown is so Nostalgia is beyond the calendar that day turned over and I was walking in those flowing years, and looking back, I found that my hometown was so close. Homesickness is the boat full of love. I am here and my loved ones are there. But the middle is tightly connected with the warmth
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