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The article "Impala Flyover" describes a group of impalas that have been forced into desperation. In order to win the population's chance of survival, they sacrificed one half to save the other half to get rid of the dilemma. The wisdom, courage and self-sacrifice spirit of the impala during the crisis will shock everyone who has read this article, and will inspire people to re-recognize this world of symbiosis. At the beginning of the article, we first showed a scene about life and death. A herd of impala, hunted by a hunting team, escaped to the cliff. When "the impalas found themselves in a desperate situation," they seemed so panicked and helpless. They "jumped wildly". An old impala tried to "jump a six-meter-wide mountain stream." As a result, " Falling straight down like a shooting star. " In this scene, the impala's desire for life is shown to be truly scoring and moving Marlboro Lights, attracting everyone who is kind to pay attention to their destiny. What happened next is completely unexpected. The impala group relies on their skillful jumping skills, and at the expense of the life of the old impala, it has successfully completed the flight on the mountain stream and won the population's chance of survival. The impetuous spirit of the impala during the flight is the focus of the author's description. The article focuses on a group of elderly impalas calmly dying with a lot of pen and ink mokingusacigarettes.com. "With the" roar "of the sickle-head sheep Cigarettes For Sale," the entire group of impalas is quickly divided into two groups, one for the elderly and one for the young. " In order to survive the population, the aged impala decided to sacrifice itself. When the number of older impalas is smaller than that of the young impalas, the sickle-head sheep consciously walks into the ranks of the older impalas. The team entering the elderly impala "has no requirements, compulsion, nor bargaining, as if sacrifice is a matter of righteousness, it is an instinct, not glory. "Each young impala's successful flight means that an old impala has fallen to pieces." The old impala used its own death to make a "bridge pier" and set up a bridge for life for the younger generation. The author used human feelings to figure out the behavior of the old impala, and deliberately described the calm performance of the elderly impala facing death: "There is no old impala changing its position from beginning to end." This is an unimaginable thing in human society. The impala herd saved half the life with half the sacrifice. The sacrifice's antelopes were so "feeling", and the antelopes receiving "assistance of life" did not show special gratitude, but "exclaimed excitedly and disappeared behind the rock". There is nothing to be particularly grateful for, because these rescued people will one day stand by the group of elderly impalas and make a "bridge pier" for another group of young impalas. Gratitude is only produced because of material and spiritual exchanges, and the impalas do not understand such complicated and esoteric things. For them, sacrificing for the population is just based on their nature and instinct. It is impossible to say. Concepts such as "dedication" and "virtue". Many social animals have their own leader. These leaders often have a strong physique, intelligent mind, and majestic momentum. It can lead the group to maintain a good state of existence and living environment. It can bravely stand up at any time to protect the interests of the entire group. A sickle-head sheep is such a leader. When the gray-black female impala is desperately approaching a dangerous cliff attracted by an illusive rainbow, it only makes a roar, so that the female impala awakens, and the impala group is divided into two groups, which completes quickly and orderly. The tragic "fly over" field. The sickle-headed sheep is responsible for protecting the herd. At its most critical time, the entire herd gives it trust and respect; it is calm, decisive, and in danger, and such a character makes the impalas extremely obedient. It takes great courage to let half of the population choose to die, and it has done that in the life of impalas, there may not be more fear than hunters with guns. With a few sounds, he said that he was powerless. " But it taught the gunman the most tragic lesson with his own life. At the end of "Feidu", as an odd number of sickle-head sheep, it shows its proud nature. A human shotgun can destroy its physical body, but it cannot yield to its spirit. At this time, the sickle-headed sheep was even more heroic than the human hero. "I saw it taking a firm step towards the gorgeous rainbow." What is it for people? Despise? Taunt?-The human beings of the spirit of all things will be stunned in "brilliance".
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