. The love of her mother wa

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It was dark, and the wind was still rampant on the street, walking like a homeless child, aimlessly, recalling the scene that just happened. After returning home from school, thinking that she could finally have some free time, she opened the book, but her mother's day-to-day nagging rang out in her ears. Han only wanted to be quiet, and no doubt hit her, even more Mother shouted. Han was fed up and fell off the door. Han was walking on the road, thinking that if he had a next life, he would be like the wind, without suffering, without restraint. She walked against the wind, blowing cold, and the wind was blowing. The county lights are brilliant at night, the traffic at the crossroads is endless, and it looks very warm. Han misses his father and also remembers his old hometown. The street lamp pulled Han's shadow for a long time. She thought that at least she still had a shadow, which was fine. Late at night. Han is going home, she calms down a lot. She has gone a long way and has to go back again. She thinks that her mother should be asleep. She doesn't want to see her. When she got home Wholesale Cigarettes, she dared not open the door. After thinking about it, she carefully took out the key and opened the door. The room was dark. She breathed a sigh of relief and stomped back to the room. Suddenly Cigarettes For Sale, the lights turned on. Her mother stopped her. "Where have you been?" Han turned around, ready to sneer. However, the moment he turned around became a lifetime memory. Her mother's eyes were red, her hair was fluffy, her face was exhausted, and the scenery in the day was long gone. "Did you go to me?" Han asked dumbly. Han has never seen such a mother. "Han, where have you been? Promise mother, don't do it again next time, okay?" The mother's tone was almost pleading. Han stood blankly, watching the mother in front crying like a child. She had never seen such a weak mother. She suddenly felt distressed. She thought that her mother was facing her rebellion alone, trying to reduce the gap between them, and trying to integrate into her inner world. The mother actually loved her, but it was just a way that was not easy to understand. . That night, Han did not fall asleep. For the first time, she understood that she was wrong. For the first time, she knew that her mother loved her Newport Cigarettes. Han thought that it was love. She laughed. The love of her mother was just such an ordinary story, but she felt so warm, just like the sun that we are accustomed to, and the ups and downs of it, but it was full of the luster of love.
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