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On a silent chair, the lights are like daylight, the fragrant ink is overflowing, and I am drunk with you-the inscription once read that "the book has its own golden house, and the book has its own beauty, such as jade." After that, I forged a bond with you. There was a drizzle of cow hair outside the window, and through the "white fog" on the window, I dimly saw passers-by holding umbrellas, or passing by in a hurry, or interdependent. And in this gray rainy day, I am not alone, I have your company, your ink smell really makes me fascinated. You lead me to ancient times. I saw the pale, yet graceful face of the Count of Monte Cristo, with a stern smile, only then did I know that good and good and bad and bad were reported; in the theater of the European Renaissance Marlboro Lights, the story of Romeo and Juliet made me sorry, It makes me hate that abominable feudal rule; you have the honor to visit Notre Dame with Hugo. Here is the feat of the bell-ringer flying to save the beauty, and the misery of mother and daughter reuniting and dying, in short a personal Every scene is deeply rooted in my heart. You said that the journey to Europe is for the time being, let us return to China. Waiting for Yueyang Tower, seeing the magnificent scene of "gas steaming clouds and dreams, shaking Yueyang City", Fang knew why Fan Zhongyan was "worried before the world, and happy after the world", he could n��t help but say to Fan Gong: I am with you "; you took me to Liangshan to experience the joy of" walking for the sky ". Although Zhao'an was not what I wanted, the righteousness really admired me; you are so powerful that you took me westward. Difficulty in nine hundred and eighty-one, defeating all demons, making me know how to persevere, and finally become a fruitful truth Cheap Cigarettes... I turned back to modern times and saw the motherland's land a mess, I felt heartbroken and wanted to go back Marlboro Red, but you Let me see Mr. Lu Xun's courage to "be bow his head to be a bullock". You use the principle of "competitive choice of nature, survival of the fittest" to inspire the Chinese people, and finally wake up this sleeping male lion, and finally guide many "romantic characters" Drive off the prisoners and save me China. Thank you. You also complained to me, saying that when Qin Shihuang burned the book and Confucianism, Hitler did the same, but I want to persuade you that you brought knowledge to human beings, and we human beings are not ignorant. We will always regard you as a good teacher and friend, and never let history repeat itself. Man inherently dies, but you will never die, you will advance along the long river of history, you will eternal books, at this moment your fragrant fragrance is coming, I will use all my strength to root you in my heart, I wish Drunk with you
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