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In everyday life, the law seems to be far away from us, but it protects us all the time. The word law is sacred in my mind. It is like a patron saint, who accompanies us and protects us all the time. Since I remember, the books I have come into contact with most are legal books. Because of Dad's work relationship, most of the bookcases in the home are big legal books. I've heard a lot, and I also learned some obscure legal words, such as parties, torts, contracts, violations, crimes, and so on. Dad told me, simply put, law is rules and habits. When you follow the rules, you are following the rules and regulations; if you don't follow the rules, the law will punish you and regulate your words and deeds. During the National Day holiday, our family traveled by car. On the way, although there are many cars, the road is still well organized and the traffic is very smooth. However, there were frequent traffic jams when returning due to several traffic accidents on the highway, which caused a large area of ??traffic jams Cigarettes For Sale. Because some people do not abide by the traffic rules, they not only affect others, but they are also punished by the law. Along the way, my father told me a few cases he handled: A and B were junior high school dropout boys. Because they liked to play large-displacement motorcycles, they were invited to buy large-displacement motorcycles in Yangzhou one evening. Because this motorcycle public security organ is forbidden to go on the road and cannot obtain a license Parliament Cigarettes, this sale can only be done in private. After contacting the seller, the seller negotiated the price and paid for the goods. On the return journey, A and B took turns driving the motorcycle. Towards Xinghua, B was driving, and A was sitting in the back. At one time, the throttle was increased and the car was racing wildly. As a result, the vehicle rolled out of the road out of control, causing B to die and A to be slightly injured. B is the only child in the family Marlboro Gold. When his parents heard the news, he wanted to faint. It is the saddest thing in the world to send white hair to black people. Later, because the two parties failed to negotiate on compensation, B's parents sued A to the court, and the two par
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