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Be the guardian of that land. On the weekend, go back to the countryside with mom and dad. Passing through the fields in my home, although I ca n��t even distinguish the ��best of breed�� from leeks and wheat, it is really difficult to distinguish the plants that I eat some parts of them every day. At the grandparents' home, when the grandpa heard that I wanted to eat dried sweet potatoes, he put down the work in his hands, rubbed his hands Cigarettes Online, moved his high stool in his mouth, and opened a large piece in front of the piled hall. The triangular plate hesitated for a while like a baby-claw machine in the supermarket, took out a few plump sweet potatoes, held it exaggerated in one hand, and measured it for me with a smile, then placed it on the stool on which I was sitting. I smiled and didn't speak. Grandpa squatted happily again, removed a basket of wilted vegetables next to it, and kept taking out the sweet potatoes one after another, divided into two stalls-rotten and not rotten. From time to time, he took out a few sweet potatoes with a white spot. Layer by layer, he did not pick up the rotten place, but just slowly and slowly cut off layers and layers. I watched the abrupt dark dots go down a little bit, like the rising ones. Sea level hugged a lonely island little by little, and then disappeared. "Old man, everything below is rotten." Grandma rubbed her hands to the apron that was black and black Cheap Cigarettes, reminding Grandpa that she had actually seen it. Grandpa just unhurriedly took out a few more white spots with more and more sweet potatoes, severely cut a large piece, and gently placed it in the rotten pile. I smelled a thick, jerky Thttle while waiting for sweet potatoes. In the end, Grandpa stood up on his own knees. The hump of the camel was a little bigger, and it seemed to be one forehead shorter than mine. Grandpa's height, I remember it was one meter and seven meters, but the years were like the knife in Grandpa's hand, silently trimmed Grandpa a little bit thin, and the grandma's originally huge waist was left The empty body temperature under the huge clothes mokingusacigarettes.com. Grandpa's expression didn't show a trace of sadness, I don't know if he was really not sad, or because the
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