When the girl with

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When the girl with the oil-paper umbrella quietly walked past me; when a piece of snowflake gradually opened Andersen��s feather pen slowly; when the Jiangnan apricot flower spring rain whirls in my ears...���������� The world in the world shows me one by one. I fell in love with reading and holding a book. There is only one paragraph between me and the world. I sat down on the balcony with a wooden chair, opened a book, without a heavy rucksack, without the mess and noisy outside Newport Cigarettes Coupons, my heart had already inserted wings, to visit every mysterious country, in every dream Free to fly! The book is such a colorful world, haunting the shallow fragrance, silently blending reality and illusion Cigarettes Online, weaving into a dream of ink, and bringing me the best of myself. Pulling open the curtains full of complex tassels, I saw the fairy tale of childhood Newport 100S. The snowflake piece was quiet again, the poor girl closed her eyes with the extinguishing of the candle. A fragile soul had the most charming aura under the morning sun. My little heart was bathed in the sun, and it was really beautiful. Surrounded by warmth, I experienced the suffering of the world, understood the value of goodness, read, and let me meet a better self. Pushing a ebony door, accompanied by misty rain, I saw the beauty of poetry. The raindrops dripping on the eaves fell on the mind, and there was a sound of dripping. From the alley, Tingting came with a lilac-like girl, drifting across the fence, and a little bit of grievances. I was stunned by the rain and saw the dreams of drizzle, so I couldn't help but forget. I was impressed by the poems, searching for another good life, reading, let me meet a better self. When I opened the green leaves and saw the flowers falling between the leaves, they slowly disappeared. I saw the words and deaths brought about by the words. The lingering sound of the jade jade floated from the other side, and a sudden wind blew, the flowers drooped, and the wind was unable to float. And next, with the soil. Saitama is sad for the red and fragrant flowers, and even more tears of their own destiny. "A spring is full of red and old, and the flowers are falling and not being known!" The trembling voice spreads to the distance with the wind, bringing the tremor of my heart. For the first time, I felt the helplessness and pain of life and learned to cherish it. Read, let me meet myself better. A paragraph of text danced beautiful articles in the dance, and set a circle in my heart. Shouting poetry, stepping on the road, man dancing and singing, reading makes me more and more mature, wash away the ignorance of childhood, full of heart, flying to a higher place. Plug in the wings of reading and let me slap the book.
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