I suddenly saw a large

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I suddenly saw a large piece of gold in front of my eyes, and I was deeply shocked. The car drove into the stone paved path, and the rapeseed on both sides was almost one person high, almost drowning the car. I walked up the second floor and looked at it. I was amazed, dense and full of everywhere. It is like a golden ocean. The breeze came, and the rape blossoms swayed along the wind. I heard a slight voice. The dancing, endless gold, the field in front of my eyes, is not complete. There are two dead trees in the middle and right, and there are green vegetables Carton Of Cigarettes. That short, bare tree! Stretch out long branches Parliament Cigarettes, thick; weather-beaten appearance. Will this destroy the beauty of rape blossoms? I thought that would only add to its beauty. The golden brown is commensurate with each other, and the beauty is boundless. I think rape is really smart. It does not come in the hot summer, nor in the cold winter. Autumn, it will not come naturally. Autumn is the season of harvest, where is it where it is? Even if there is, people only care about cutting, cutting, cutting, which will take care of it? What about spring? Spring, warm, suitable temperature, no one is fighting for the field. It is free and unrestrained. Anyway, the whole field is itss. It dominates a whole field and must be proud of it. The sweet and full of rape in the heart has experienced three seasons of storage, and finally accumulated in the spring. Yes! Only by careful preparation can the final success be achieved. Like rapeseed, after a long period of hard work, it finally blooms amazingly beautiful! I suddenly saw a white butterfly. It flies fast in the cauliflower, as if dancing a beautiful dance. Where can I see this beautiful scenery in the city? However, good things are always short-lived Marlboro Cigarettes. As soon as I thought that this golden rape blossom would die, my heart would have a sad feeling. At this moment, time is in front of me, it is quiet and beautiful. The breeze gently blows on my face. My thoughts are flying in the autumn sky and drifting into the distance. I want to let the time freeze. I think, I am enjoying this wonderful life now. The beauty of the rape blossoms, like the smooth water, penetrates my heart. In the bright sunshine, the rapeseed has become more golden. The sun is a little dazzling, ordinary. There is no cloud in the sky. The rape blossoms are still shaking slightly. Although they are high and low, uneven, but who will pursue, before this boundless beauty? My heart is full of happiness in the bright sunshine
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