When I was a child

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When I was a child, I liked to stare at the marshmallow master to make cotton candy. I watched him stepping on the foot and the cotton candy in the bucket was getting bigger and bigger, and the farther and farther away, it was far away from my childhood... "Grandma, I want to buy pink, the biggest one!" My fat little finger pointed to the big big marshmallow. "Okay, well, grandma will buy it for you." Grandma smiled and lovingly licked my soft hair. I am about to speak, but my grandmother has already grabbed my lines. "Add a little more sugar." I stared at my grandmother with a sullen look, showing a silly smile. "Give, children, take it!" I took the marshmallow in the hands of the master and ran against the wind Marlboro Red, for fear that others would snatch it. I put my face close to the marshmallows, sniffing the sweet smell of cotton candy Marlboro Lights, and the red fluttering face was covered with a mass of marshmallows. I grabbed a lot and put them in my mouth, they slowly melted and melted into my heart. I turned my head and looked at my grandmother. The thin wrinkles climbed up to her eyes and cheeks. The kind eyes were filled with love. She picked me up and leaned my face against her shoulder. Suddenly a sweet moment rushed into my heart, I wonder if it is the sweetness of marshmallow, or the sweetness in my heart. Bigger, I left my grandmother Newport Cigarettes. After many years, it is still the place. At the age of fourteen, I supported the 66-year-old grandmother and walked again in the familiar street. Ten years later, the original old stall has been replaced by an assortment of food streets, and I tried to find the taste of childhood. Finally, I found it in the depths of the street. Still the shop, still the master, still the tool, still my grandmother to buy. The difference is that this time I bought it for my grandmother. The grandmother smiled and said: "You eat, I don't like to eat." I know that my grandmother wants me to eat. It hasn't changed for ten years, but I am growing up now. I took a small piece and put it in my grandmother's mouth. The grandmother smiled and smiled so sweetly; I laughed too, and laughed so much. The sweetness of the marshmallow dipped into the throat of my grandmother and into our hearts. At this moment, love quietly blooms in our hearts, makes wishes, holds hands with each other, no one puts grandmother, you are the marshmallow in my heart, that sweet dream. I took another bite, um, really sweet. [4] My father is always ashamed to express, but he always cares about me, and occasionally chats with me about football, military, politics... I also think that my father This is the case, but until one day that year is deep winter, I am still in elementary school, the wind is biting, the wind is like a sharp knife piercing my cheek, the cold wind is like a creepy elf, anyway, there will be some wind Will creep into my clothes. This bad weather prevented me from taking a step and I finally got to the remedial class. After the class was over, the homework was finished. I stayed in the lobby of the remedial class and waited for my father's arrival. Dad came back on a busi
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