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are deeply imprinted on my mind. I am very grateful to him for making great progress in my composition. The teacher's friendship, sweet and superb, makes me memorable. It��s good to have a sweet taste, but only after suffering, can you appreciate the sweetness. If you want this "sweet" to last forever, only tireless hard work and hard work. [Part 2] A cup of tea to be heard, half a confidant has several people. ����Inscription night, deep, sitting alone in the room, soaking a cup of tea, watching the tea float in the hot water, the wind gently blowing the heat of the smoke, the fragrance of the tea immediately filled the room, a bite, bitter It is the same as my mood at the moment. "Hey--" The door was gently pushed open, I know, someone came. He sat silently beside me, without saying a word. In the end, he broke the deadlock. "Do you have any difficulties? Sitting is not a solution to the problem. Say it, everyone will help you solve it together." Listening to the voice, I know it is a grandfather. When I was a child, my grandfather was my intimate partner, growing up with me. He is the one who knows me the most. "Recently I feel that learning is always not good, I don't know where to start, and the school is fast-paced, I am tired of coping, the results have not improved, I feel very annoyed." I poured out my heart. The grandfather said without hesitation: "I was confused for this reason? Then I will tell you my story. My childhood is very difficult. The whole family only relies on my mother to do odd jobs in the commune to earn family expenses. The only five sisters in the family were sent to the school. On the first day of school, I made up my mind. I know that all this is hard to come by. I only have to study hard, hard work Newport 100S, and then work hard. In the blink of an eye, Xiaosheng is beginning, all Only half of the students in the class were admitted to junior high school, including me. In the third year of junior high school, I still maintain the spirit of striving for progress. At the time of the senior high school entrance examination, only three people in the whole class were admitted to the key high schools, including me. In the college entrance examination, only me. One person was admitted to the university. Looking back now, what difficulties and hardships can stump me? But just to see who can endure hardships, can stick to the teeth and stick to it, and succeed. Children, don��t worry about the vague future. To work hard for a clear goal, as long as you strive to be motivated and down-to-earth, success must be a part of listening to your grandfather Cigarettes Online. If I realize that everything in the world, whether it is bitter or sweet, must face it calmly. A little wind and small waves are hard to live. Will the future hurricane still shrink? Can you face learning with a positive attitude and look at the distance with confidence? What are the difficulties? Difficulties, I believe that through my own efforts, persist in persistence, never forget the initial heart Wholesale Cigarettes, keep an eye on the target, step by step and steady, the dawn of victory is in sight. Once again, take the hot cup and drink a bit, the tea is not bitter. A sweet sweetness goes down the throat to the stomach, to my internal organs, and walks freely in my body. I seem to have regained my self-confidence and inspired the positive and enterprising motivation. Life is like tea, the first bite, though bitter; The second, sweet!
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