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Someone once said that "knowledge changes fate." It is precisely because of this sentence that many people are encouraged to study more seriously. He is the American writer Francis Bacon. Bacon grew up in a bureaucratic home. At the age of twelve, he went to Cambridge University. Two years later, he followed the British ambassador to France to study statistics and diplomacy in Paris. In 1597, he completed his essay. It is such a good scholar who has not escaped death. When I looked at the Bacon Essay, the first impression I gave was that the article was short and slowly read. I found that Bacon focused on the profound and sophisticated writing, and almost all of the articles were stacked in the whole sentence. It has a profound educational significance. In so many essays, "Talking about Beauty" left a deep impression on me. Avoiding the essays written in this article are both male and female, and this is a classic about "beauty." "The virtue is like a gem. It is best set in the plain place. As far as people are concerned, although the facial features are not beautiful but elegant, the appearance is not beautiful but the manners are dignified Marlboro Red. The virtue of this kind of person is the best." When it comes to beauty, beauty and beauty are better than beauty, and the graceful and graceful manners are better than beauty. Therefore, I think that appearance is important, but if a person is only beautiful, but has no connotation, it is not a perfect person. People are beautiful because they are cute, not because they are beautiful. After reading this essay, I suddenly realized that there is no perfect person in the world, so we don't have to complain too much about our external defects. Only the inner beauty is the eternal beauty mokingusacigarettes.com, and the beauty and virtue are perfectly combined. Together, the beauty can be radiated. If a person only cares about his or her external beauty, and does not pay attention to his own connotation, it will still be hated by people. Therefore, no matter what we do Cheap Cigarettes, we can't deceive ourselves. We must face others with our true and natural aspects and show our true and most natural beauty. Bacon wrote in "Talking Friendship": "To confess to others can have two effects: it doubles joy and halves sorrow. Because people who tell their friends to joy add joy, and those who sorrow their sorrow to friends Alleviate sorrow." Yes, how important a friend is to a person, it is like a golden key to open our hearts. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, we will share and bear with our friends. I used to be. I am so happy in life. Although I am tired of studying, I have never complained to anyone because there is a group of friends who care about me around me. As long as I am with them, I will not feel so hard anymore. From this "Bacon Essay", I saw his attachment to philosophy, his love for politics, his love for life, his pursuit of ideals, his willingness to give up on difficulties, and his self-improvement spirit and attitude. And these are exactly what our middle school students need. Let us work with Bacon to work together for our future and goals.

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