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When I was a child, I first read "Dream of Red Mansions" and I wouldn't like Lin Daiyu from Cao Xueqin's pen. I feel that she has too much coquettishness and loneliness. In her world, it seems that there are only tears and sorrows. Compared with my big-sex personality, there is a big difference. Later, as I grew older, I read the "Dream of Red Mansions" again. At this time, I couldn't help but be attracted by Lin Daiyu. I carefully found out that she had a fresh and beautiful beauty and a pitiful charm. So, I decided to overthrow the previous view of Daiyu and try to understand her heart. However, consciously has experienced a lot of "human feelings of the world", and now has become a "tears", stunned. Although Saitama is sentimental, she has her own opinions. She has her own unique opinions, has a clear attitude towards the secular, has unlimited expectations for the future of happy life, and has constraints on her behavior Marlboro Red. She is also talented, courageous and blunt, and absolutely does not violate the views she insists. She has the faithful love of Baoyu's brother, but does not give up the freedom she pursues. In Jia, at a young age, she knows how to distinguish between good and evil, beauty and ugliness, and bear the heavy pressure on ordinary people. It is precisely because of this that Cao Xueqin will write the repertoire of the "Jade Jade Burning Manuscript", which is so incomparably weak in the character and image of Saitama, so that I can not restrain the inner feelings of the heart, can not help Weeping and crying. I love the piece of "Yuyu Funeral Flower" in "Dream of Red Mansions". After savoring this paragraph, all the words that appear in the mind are the words in the "Funny Flower Words". "Quality is clean and clean." There is a fragrant hill." These two words not only tell the purity and nobleness of Xiaoxiang, but also tell me my tens of thousands of thoughts. From the small town of Hubei Province Marlboro Cigarettes, I am living in the soul of Hangzhou, I am integrated into the soul of Xiaoxiang, and she is integrated with her. Every move affects and touches every nerve of my heart. The charm of Xiaoxiang makes me convinced and makes me sigh. The strength of jade is even greater, and it attracts me like a magnet. Even though she suffered a lot of hardships in Jia, she did not give in. In those days, it was said that "a woman has no talent is a virtue." Ke Lin Yu insisted on her own thoughts. She was a talented woman Cigarettes For Sale. She was sick and sick. She lost her mother since she was a child, but she never "added worries" to her father. Instead, she lived in a more wonderful way in her own way. Do not pursue. Every charm in her life is enough to surprise me. At this point, my feelings are not just in my heart. Xiaoxiang has occupied my whole heart and thoughts, and my thoughts have become a true memory. I will never forget her thanks to "Dream of Red Mansions" for a lifetime, so that I can appreciate the wisdom of Baodi, Fengjie. Spicy, Qingwen's intelligent rate. I am even more grateful to Cao Xueqin. His paintings depict the legend of Xiaoxiang Xunzi, Lin Daiyu. Nowadays, every time I see "Dream of Red Mansions", picking up "The Funeral Flower" can remind people of the heartbreaking Xiaoxiang scorpion. Kindness, femininity and strength are her innate charms. She is full of enthusiasm, exquisiteness, and high quality, which makes her have the temperament of a gentleman. She is moving, she is still in the distance, but walking in my heart
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