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There is nothing left to start empty, and then as I grow up, I slowly move into something like this. The days are long, things are messy, old, and a lot of junk garbage is thrown away with a rare cleaning, which is often mixed with non-garbage that is not needed, or does not want to see. After cleaning, I began to move new things inside. One day, we are old, dead, the big house will become a ruin, or a warm nest. I am 13 years old this year. Today is the last one of the final exam. I finished the problem early, handed it in early Newport 100S, and then gave myself to school early, but didn't go home early. I went to the crossing bridge, which is a very high bridge with a lot of wind on it. I am missing my friends here, those who left me. At that time, I was 14 years old, I was reading the second day, and then I was gone. I don't remember what happened, just like I am 15 years old, living in a school to prepare for high school, and then the days suddenly become longer. If every year is a large linen pocket, then at the age of 15, I was stuffed with a lot of things. The full future is a line. I should have used a ruler to draw a straight line. I used The protractor was a hundred times more crazy than the average person when the former prostitute decided to change her mind and frantically live. In this year, I escaped classes, smoked cigarettes, drunk, swearing, sneaked into Internet cafes, turned over walls, and talked about love... Fortunately, I never really sank. So one month before the entrance exam, I quickly returned to the state of being, quiet as if everything had never happened. I am 16 years old this year Marlboro Lights, sitting in a new school, sitting next to a new classmate. This year is almost over, the linen pocket is almost full, and the big house has begun to sweep things out, and it has begun to move in large numbers. Still lived vigorously, but it was also bombarded but last year. It was fortunate that I had been decadent before, at least let me now no longer yearn for the novelty of those violations. Can be safe in reality, while blaming the days are too dull, while sleeping peacefully in the plains, 17 years old this year, I still don't know what will happen to my second year, I only know that I will not remember what happened this year. Every year with two years, whether it is the second day, the second year, or the sophomore, seems to be forgotten. This year, like a labyrinth, one is left unconscious and thrown into a familiar or unfamiliar year. After another, I ran for a few more years. I have to cherish it, only once in 16 years old Wholesale Cigarettes, only once in 17 and only once in 18... After that, it is gone.
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