side world and rejected all kin

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Suddenly, the mathematics talent of Peking University was born, and the heart could not help but fluctuate. Regardless of whether this is true or not, I was deeply touched by Liu. Some people are embarrassed about this, but I think that since it is their own choice, naturally it makes sense. I respect his choice. The red dust is rolling, and the material desires to flow. Once you don't pay attention, you will fall into the abyss of debauchery. The world is flashy, and the paper is drunk. Who will really calm down and read the Buddhist scriptures? It can be said to be few and far between. I am admired by the actions of this Peking University talent. When Liu was at school, he had excellent grades and could be described as being above the crowd and deeply sought after by others. If you really see the red dust in this life, you will break into the empty door, you will go to the empty name, you will know the state of mind, you will be indifferent to your life, you will cultivate yourself, and you will not be clean and the best. What is indifferent? Where is it really? Liu Zongyuan��s ��reviewing the middle stream in the sky, the inconsistency of the clouds on the rocks�� is indifferent; Du Mu��s ��prosperous things are scattered in the incense, the water is ruthless grass since the spring�� is indifferent; Tao Yuanming��s ��three paths are deserted, and the pines are especially dry; Bringing a young child into the room, there is a wine and a silvery statue. Moreover, Liu Zhiyu's smashing of the red dust, breaking into the empty door, avoiding Vanity Fair Marlboro Cigarettes, away from the right and wrong is not a kind of indifferent. The philosopher has passed away, the poems are long-lasting; life is short, indifferent to eternity. Being indifferent and enjoying indifference, how many people can you do in the world? Between wealth and indifference, we always choose the former without hesitation. Richness is the enjoyment of the flesh, and indifference is the enjoyment of the spirit Cigarettes Online. Therefore, wealth is more realistic, and it is easier to give people a sense of satisfaction. Indifferent seems to be out of reach for ordinary people. This is why people prefer wealth. However, when people have experienced more things, they have triggered more emotions, and after throwing away more worldly distractions, they know that indifferent is the realm of life, a cup of tea, a glimpse of the water, or a calm water movement. Or painting a boat to listen to the rain, or fishing alone in the cold river, people like a world of sand gulls. At this moment, all the jealousy and troubles will gradually leave you. In such a calm and elegant atmosphere, it naturally leaves a state of mind. Indifferent, is a kind of elegant beauty, a kind of beautiful beauty, an ethereal beauty, a beautiful and clean beauty. On the long journey of life, whoever has no Yunfan hanging high, who has no long winds and waves? However Marlboro Gold, it is natural to stop the awning and stop the boat. In the secluded water, in the faint smoke, the infatuation of the indifferent. They use the breeze and the bright moon, the sound of the river, the rhyme, the scent of the lotus, the dust, the cleansing and the cleansing. They are alive and raining. Even if it was brilliant in the past, even if there were many embarrassments yesterday, let them put them aside for the time being, and get the nourire everywhere. Not everyone needs to realize Zen, and life only needs this feeling to be enough. Because of indifferent, Liu abandoned the flamboyant shackles of the outside world and rejected all kinds of trivial temptations in life, so that he gained a height that overlooks life. A kind of gaze of the world naturally accumulates strength in peace, nurturing Fanghua; life Open your heart in indifference and take care of yourself

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