This summer, I met this

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This summer, I met this old time with this old time, which is familiar to me. Wooden columns, wooden windows, wooden doors. The color of the wood, after years of erosion, has been somewhat white, which is the original stale. In the small black tile, there is a corrugated grass with a lotus shape, and in the windless summer, silent and contemplative. There was a small skylight, standing on the roof, facing the small street, the abrupt appearance, brightened my gaze, I actually looked at it for a long time. I know that the sunlight from the skylights is in a line, and the floating dust can be seen. My mother often sat in this line of light and laced, and I sat quietly next to it, learning to snagging and learning hook flowers. The sunlight that leaked from the skylight illuminates the childhood and illuminates the memory Newport Cigarettes. I have always liked the ancient town and the ancient street. In order to meet the memory, my friends have squeezed into a scale store. I have also been attracted by the large and small wooden scales in this store. The master is using a pair of aluminum wire to skillfully tap one of the scales. This scale store, maybe only this old street will have it. Scale star, heart. Moving and marrying my daughter must be used, so I still have business. I have been doing this for six years! I am proud of the scale master. Old street, old shop, old time, walking on the bluestone street covered with bright sun, heart, but quiet and cool on the way to the double bridge, my whole person rushed on the window, because, this is the green of the country, It��s not enough, it��s not enough. On one side of the road, it is a small farmhouse that is spacious and luxurious. On the other side of the river, the slopes are full of thick green. This green, green and thick Newport Cigarettes Coupons, green and atmospheric, green is enviable. Slim, is awkward; clear and aura Wholesale Cigarettes, is peanuts; straight and handsome, is corn; and edamame, loofah, Lu Wei ... will be green, paved layers stacked, hearty. All modern people have a kind of rural complex. This strong rural flavor makes me feel drunk and makes me feel good. I hope that this cluster of greens should not be overwhelmed by modern industry. I hope that I will be old. Going here, it is still the home of the peasants, or the paradise we are seeking. At this moment, I regret that I am just a passer from Le Yu. When I rush to get off at Shuangqiao, the squatting in the bamboo garden is full of pride. A row of old houses on the edge of the bamboo garden is even more quiet. Double Bridge, listening to the name will have the taste of Jiangnan Water Village. It is said that many years ago, Shuangqiao Middle School was one of the two key middle schools in the city. It can be seen that the double bridge of that year must be extremely prosperous. Perhaps because it is too remote, the double bridge will gradually decline. Those old houses, without any repairs, were still the same. Some old houses still live with old people, farmhouse stoves, wooden tables, simple furniture, but they are clean and refreshing, making people feel very friendly. There is still a daily department store in the old house here, which is very big, but the light is dim. This familiar scene reminds me of my childhood. A few old people chatting and chatting are very leisurely. Together with the old house, they guard the memories of the past, and they alternate between the four seasons. The static flow of the years is supposed to catch the crabs, but without any tools, so It was changed to watch the raft. The summer river embankment is so beautiful. The lush oleander, full of white flowers and safflower, seemed to be a lace on the embankment. Everyone stopped the jump and the car was silent. At this moment, only quietly appreciate, in order to live up to the river beach under the great scenery, I feel that it is the best choice. You see the little creatures, crawling in the stones, crawling for a while, and then using two cheating feet, jumping their own dances, one by one, one by one, and it is very rhythmic. This vast river, the lush Lulu, is the beautiful home of the dragons, let the little creatures on these riversides grow freely in nature. I think, if there is an afterlife, I would like to be a crab on the riverside. In the hurricane of Jiangtao, I will live in a long way, and the tide will rise and fall. I am happy to be in the Stamford International Community near Xinjie. The extraordinary exotic atmosphere makes us almost scream. This piece of land called Leyu has both a long history of the Republic of China and a modern atmosphere. The ancient rhyme and the current style complement each other. Le Yu, Le Yu, more than happy. Can you be unhappy at Le Yu?
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