it, you can see the depth

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it, you can see the depth of human nature. As if I saw the lake, the water ripples, the ripples quietly move, the clean humanity is reflected in the water to become the background of the lake, long and quiet, only the real clear, no ugly and fast-caused illness I like This kind of quiet, moon-like text, our truth in silence, has our long sound. Holding the straw, write down the silence and perseverance in the wilderness. Those grains that danced in the wind, shaking in the mountains and rivers with their own attitude, the golden sea, the dream of a car without a horse, like a lotus. This is beautiful, so irritating, drunk, fell in the wilderness of the text, in the lotus pond, for many years, until a song Lingge rusted the red and the river has always felt that the men and women who swim in the cold and warm world, There are few real self. For survival, for the sake of profit, the fragrance disappears. Matter is the stimulant they spare no effort to live. For a while, sitting at home, I was bored watching the love and love program on TV. There was a male guest, Sven, who was handsome, with a slender figure, a smile, and a bit of free and easy. The female guests present were all rouge, sexy, if a group of hungry animals. When I first saw the man, no one was willing to destroy the lamp in front of him. But when the man said that there was no money in his family, he was a poor man. Everything that is real and calm is so thin in the face of materialistic desires. It is the same as the autumn leaves, the moment of dancing, who will pass by for a minute and a second to stop? And I love those who are so realistic and determined to live, not to hide, not to deceive, not to smug, not proud, life is poor, but also contentment and happiness. Such a person, Su Jie is like a white porcelain. I once liked hiking, went to the ancient temples in the mountains or the quiet towns, and searched for self from the rare people. Parents naturally oppose it, and stern words are stern, but their inner enthusiasm for natural nature is eagerly awaiting and obsessed, but no one can shake it Cigarettes Online, and they will go out for a long time Marlboro Red, and keep a distance from the world of this dog. It��s a rebellion, how moving it is in the season of youthful glory. The flowing water of the mountains, the growth of the flower trees, the snoring of the beasts, the ethereal clock, the peaches and plums open at night, and another night falls. Spring Mountain is quiet at night. Beauty to the true extreme, like the white space in Chinese painting, can no longer be infused with the golden hook silver paintings of the world. In the years, I have my own temperament, and I live in real life. If a seed in the wind faces the Bohai universe, it flies in the sky, there is no direction, and there are directions everywhere. This is a beautiful and pleasant presence in an uncertain individual. The times are rolling forward, life is too short, there are always beautiful friends around, black and white, white and black, beautify and repair their own face. And we must calmly watch, we must be clear and kind, we must love and be loved without impurities Cigarettes For Sale, we must persist in self-growth, occupy the soil, let the shades bloom, and always preserve the territory of the self in the next day. Leaving the city, escape the rules, a person standing in the corner close to the moonlight, the gentleman orchid is in full bloom, the wind is like a jade in the wind, and the little fragrance is full of the skeleton and mind that he has been worn. Even if it rains at this time, in the middle of the night, you have to burn in the wet, tirelessly burning because of the truth, we are a moonlight that dances for ourselves, to live wonderfully for ourselves, to brighten the world.
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