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I walked over the treetops and swept the universe with unstoppable momentum. Is this you, my wind? I think, I love you. Because only love can tolerate everything about you. Together with your successes and failures, your anger and carnival, your meditation and fierceness Newport Cigarettes, your freedom and limitations, your shouts and lows. Yes, you are the wind, the wind I am pursuing. You are the wind, the wind in my heart. Suddenly disappeared, and suddenly came back; suddenly and solemnly, and suddenly gestures; suddenly the illusory dusk, like the dawn of dreams. I built a high wind barrier for the quiet land, in order to block your singer song, your colorful temptation, in order not to set off the long-lasting wave. However, how can you withstand the thunder and turbulence of your thunder. I said, I am already the wind, the same wind as you. Walk with you, go to the universe, pick up a few stars in the sky Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and bring some noise to the lonely desert, leaving our footprints in the deep sea. Perhaps madness itself has some great achievements. The nature of the wind is indulgence, like a baby, crying without scruple, laughing without scruple, showing nature without scruple, therefore, I love you, love you, do your own way, love your enthusiasm after cold, love you after rude Gentle, we are going to blow the snow, let it flutter and sway, to make fun of the little girl's hair, eyelashes, nose and lips in the snow. Let's blow the catkins! Let the floating clouds, the elegantness of the catkins give the passionate poet a little inspiration. Let's blow away the flower buds that contain cockroaches! There are also those repenting and lonely hearts. They need us more and need warmth and tenderness. you're tired right! My wind. Let's go to the side of the mountain to rest, there is no need for the wind. I lived very fast in the spring breeze. I never knew what was tired. Before I felt tired in the review of the first exam, the teacher always said me. Naughty, but I rushed to say that I learned well, but now it is different, now is an extraordinary period, the upcoming entrance examination has pushed me to the brink of collapse once and for all. At this time, I found out how bad my results were. I took a few questions to do it, but I stuck a few times. I was scared when I started to panic. When I opened the book, I couldn��t figure out what was going on. English words are now beginning to break free from their minds, and even the profound Chinese characters are beginning to forget... I began to despair, simply lying in bed, closing my eyes, and not wanting anything. Although I know that this is not what I should do, but what can I do? I am not a diligent student. I have never tried to work hard. I even think it is ridiculous, but what is the result of this? Is it successful? No, it��s failure, it��s lost, it��s regret, it��s good now, the score slips to such a level, not only the teacher is disappointed with me, I also began to despair on myself... the teacher began to be vigilant, she found my abnormality, often deliberate Give me a question, but I don't appreciate it. At that time, I was numb and I couldn't listen to anything. The teacher spoke on the side of the topic, I nodded in a confused way, still thinking, don't talk, it is useless. I have spent a star simulation exam like this. Needless to say, the results are very bad. The teacher was very surprised. She wondered what she had achieved in one week's teaching results. She called me to the office and asked me about the recent situation. I shook my head and smiled. She took a deep breath and I smiled softly in my heart. Sure enough, she started to do ideological work, and I just listened to it without a ride. "Are you really willing?" I heard this and I looked up and looked at her strangely Cigarettes For Sale. "Do you really want to give up like this? Are you really willing to pay for your semester's efforts?" She said that I was silent and said: "You know very well that you are not a stupid student. It��s not a bad student. Did you see your grades in the last semester, isn��t there a lot of progress?
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