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The straight morning breeze is really amazing. When I was running in the morning, I had to run down the wind. If I was against the wind, I couldn��t even open my eyes. Suddenly, I saw a white crane and wanted to fly to the east. But this wind is just from east to west. It struggled to shake its wings, but it could never go further. Above a high-voltage tower, flying and flying, less than a minute. Then, it changes the attitude of the flight: flying sideways, flying diagonally, climbing a little higher. Constantly adjusting his flight posture, but can not move forward, but the flapping of the wings seems to be more and more difficult, the wind is increased, it is blown back, and it has been retreating to the top of a high-voltage tower behind it to stop. But it still flies east and does not change direction. Another gust of wind blew, and it was blown across the body and slid far to the south. But its head is still facing the east, trying to fly. Finally, the wind was a little smaller, and it quickly flew eastward. When the wind is big and small, it repeatedly flies like this, always flying to the east. Why did the white crane fly hard to the east? What power is supporting it to fly to its destination? Maybe just to find a fish pond, or a creek, try your luck and see where you can find a breakfast. At this time, at the peak hours of work, a group of working sisters, or riding bicycles, or Walking, rushing to work, completely ignoring the strong morning breeze. They are like the white crane in the wind! If I have white hair and a long face, you will not, still, so hold my hands and be gentle. A person will meet two people in his life, one is amazing time, one is gentle. The heart is moving, but the feelings are far away, the things are not right, the people are right, everything is not. It can't be heavy in the past. The time is very short, the horizon is very far, and the mountains and waters in the future are all over the same day. If you accidentally lose your way and fall into the water, you should remember that there is a river called rebirth. Any place in the world can grow, and wherever you go, you will be home. Then, don't come to me Marlboro Gold, I won't find you. Watching the rest of the year, watching a period of quiet, realistic and prosperous, find an unmanned valley, build a wooden hut, paving a bluestone path, with your morning bells and drums, peace of mind. If Jun gives me a jade, I will grow up for Jun. Washing up the lead, from then on, the future. Be humiliated and watch the flowers bloom before the court. Going to stay unintentionally, looking at the sky, clouds, clouds, clouds, life, a lifetime, a double, half drunk, half awakened, half-lived memories, such as the tomb, as thin as the prime, whether we should forget about the rivers and lakes. Time is quiet, with Jun language. The water is flowing, with the same gentleman, the flowers are gone, and the old man mokingusacigarettes.com. As soon as you read it, you will be ruined by the end of the world. Time is warm, the years are quiet, you still can't come, how dare I go old. Asking the king can eat enough, that is, you can warm clothes. I don��t dare to speak to Junjun, and I��m afraid of it. I��m going to go with the army today. When he is still alive, he can��t even read it, and he will pray for Junan. When I came, I was lost when I was confused. I walked around in the world. Who was me before I was born, who I am after I was born, I don��t know whether to come or go, no joy or no sadness. There is no shore in the flower, and the soul is broken and the river is still in Sichuan Marlboro Red. I don��t know how to smoke in the drunk, the light in the dream is faint, the flowers are not seen in the millennium, and the edge of the dance is moving, the flower is not the first to understand the flower, the Buddha is sighing. One flower and one world, one leaf and one leaf, one sand and one bliss, one smile and one dust. Life is like this, and the gains and losses are impermanent. Anyone who passes by, counts as scenery, can occupy memory, and is happy. When we go far, we look back. We find that frustration makes people strong, and they are cherished and hurt. You only have to turn from the past, happiness will be the weakest place to meet you tomorrow, it is reluctant. Reluctant to have a feeling of no longer brilliant, reluctant to a vanity, reluctant to applaud. We always think that the best days will be long and long, and we don't have to leave so soon. Just when our hearts are soft and lack of courage, the best days have passed away mercilessly. Silence can make the chaotic heart clear. Don't tell others how foolish you are, how naive, how kind, learn to use silence to cover up your emotions. Silence is the city, it is wise, the connotation of silence is the last high, and the last freedom is many things, always know after the experience. If you have a relationship, you will know how to protect yourself. After being stupid, I know how to persist and give up in a timely manner. We gradually know ourselves when we get and lose. In fact, life does not need such indifferent obsession, learn to give up, life is really easy. There is a kind of feeling called no chance, there is a kind of abandonment called completion.
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