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The interpretation of love in the dictionary is: deep feelings for people or things. I was born in a poor rural area. At that time, the family attached great importance to education to their own children. Maybe they thought that they could cultivate a better person who could get into college in the future. At that time, there was no electricity in the countryside. Every household was always sleeping in the dark, so it was always early in the morning Cigarettes Online, and it was the same in school. The teachers and classmates went to the school one after another. They ordered kerosene lamps to read and attend classes. People are always discussing the sternness of the gentleman in the school after the meal. Which gentleman has learned, which village students have learned well, how many points have been tested, which ones have been loved, and they have been stayed in the school or have been The old gentleman has a hand in hand. I am one of the later generations in the school who are more liked by the gentleman. The gentleman is also very strict with me. Because my family is poor, my grandfather is also my husband. I don't expect to be in the top three every time Marlboro Cigarettes. It has also become a proud talk of the father. In the applause of the stars, I finished my junior high school and successfully passed the high school. Also grew up. My parents loved me. I don't want them to worry about me anymore Newport Cigarettes Coupons. After I accidentally heard the conversations from my parents, I resolutely gave up my studies, and also let them cry with disappointment. Like many people, I have taken up the burden of going south. The life of working for me reminds me of the time of going to school, and even some regrets. Time has always passed so fast. In the unsatisfactory time, my wife and I got married. Now I am the father of a five-year-old child, so we live an ordinary life. I love my home, love my loved ones, love my friends, love society, love the world, they make me feel good, let me feel love in this world, let me breathe fresh air, go further on the road of love far. Love is a wonderful thing that can be used to encompass the world mokingusacigarettes.com. Small to the relationship between people, our loved ones, friends. Big to the universe, the sun and the rain Parliament Cigarettes. This is love when we have experienced countless spring flowers and autumn months to get up in the morning and see the sun shining or the rain. This is love when we struggle to experience setbacks and success. When we planted seeds and rooted in the soil, this is also the love of me looking up at the stars to breathe the air, remembering the green mountains and green waters and the smoke of my hometown when I went to play. At this moment, I think that love is what nature gives us and is a kind of complex in my heart.
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