In the 1990s, a song

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In the 1990s, a song called "Great China" was once popular. The first lyric was "We all have a home, the name is China." For a time, singer Gao Feng sang this voice all over the country. Why do people love it so much? Because this song gave the warmth of each of our mothers and mothers, sang the Chinese civilization, also known as the Chinese civilization. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and the longest-lived civilization in the world. In the ancient civilizations of the four great civilizations, she is the only glory that has not been broken yet. The Chinese nation has a long history and is in the same line. From the beginning of chaos to the emergence of everything, from the ancient times of Ru Mao and blood, experienced the long and arduous rise and fall of the feudal social system of more than 2,000 years, and the renewal of Vientiane today after the founding of New China. In the historical process of the storm, the Chinese nation created Numerous glory and achievements have also experienced the hardships and setbacks that are unbearable. Then, what strengths and elements support this suffering and profound nation to overcome the catastrophe again and again and stand proudly in the East of the world? It is certain that it has been continually exploring, summarizing, inheriting and inherited by the descendants of the Yellow Emperor for thousands of years. The unique Chinese cultural civilization formed in the long history of development, which is gradually becoming glorious, not only deeply affects China, but also deeply affects contemporary China. At present, China emphasizes people-oriented, advancing with the times Marlboro Lights, social harmony, and peaceful development. It not only has the deep foundation of Chinese civilization, but also reflects the progressive spirit of the development of the times. Looking at Chinese history, it is not difficult to find out from the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States. Since the beginning of the 100-year contend, the various thinkers have pointed out the essence of Chinese civilization mokingusacigarettes.com, that is, the "avenue" culture is about the "avenue" in its nature. "The road to the avenue is also the world," the road is related to good. Confucianism says "the best," Taoism said "good" is very close to what we now call "great love." Mencius is a strict discussion of the difference between humans and animals Newport Cigarettes Coupons. He said: "There is no hidden heart, and non-humans are also called "the heart of compassion," which is the heart of compassion. Mencius thinks this is the beginning of "benevolence." It expands and let it erupt, and the world can be well preserved. This is the avenue of Chinese culture. It is not difficult to see that this is very different from many principles in the West based on individualism Newport 100S, but it is the ultimate value of all mankind. "5?12" will be a very important position in the history of Chinese people. After the disaster, people suddenly discovered that from the so-called after the 20th to the 90th, they are all at some time in action. The avenue of Chinese culture is often blurred. The main reason is that the Tao is concealed by the surgery. ��Tao�� is the lofty ideal and belief that people pursue, and ��skill�� is the selfishness of the philosophical protection in the face of chaos or interests. Survival. When people think that "surgery" is particularly useful, it must be widely publicized and become a winning strategy in the cultural world. The shackles, the official shackles, and the thick blacks are everywhere, as if they are really "avenues invisible". It caused misunderstanding of Chinese culture. Yu Qiuyu once said: If Chinese culture is really based on "surgery", it will not be able to continue to this day. Because under the jungle law of fighting each other, a civilization must be fast and self-destructive, those in the world. It is this way that the ancient civilization that survived the Chinese civilization at the same time but annihilated has withdrawn from the historical stage. It is thus seen that the deepest hidden in the soul of the Chinese people has not been surgery, but the Tao, the world avenue. This may be As a famous professor said: "Civilization" is the soul of the nation, which marks the height and depth of a nation's self-consciousness, reflecting its level of mental development and maturity. A society and a nation must Standing up, economic strength is the necessary foundation. However Cheap Cigarettes, this is not the key. The key is to first stand up from the mind, a nation that cannot stand up in thought, even if it is golden, it cannot truly become its own fate. The master of today's Chinese society is in a critical period of social transformation, which inherently requires people to judge from a rational height. The historical orientation of society, clarifying the value premise of social development, and reflecting on the possible path of future development. That is to say, the creation of contemporary Chinese philosophical theories and ideology is that Chinese people reflect on their own life course, understand their own living environment, and seek The inherent requirements of my own future development path and the urgent need for the continuation of the Chinese civilization? Here it is!
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