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him and her full of sadness, you are doing well, isn't it? Their pupils, which were originally dull and foggy, were filled with sparkling golden light, and they were happy to be around the world. They said, yes, we have been so in love, how can we question the other person��s true emotions! Their love will be exhausted, but you are smart enough to let it burn again to start the enchanting flame. Their tender cheeks bloom with red flowers, but they cover you with compassionate eyes, curious and recklessly ask you, no memory, then how can you do it without questioning yourself? You suddenly feel that the world is being filled Full of black and naked, you smile like poppies swayed in the sun. You said that the children who advance are not needing too much memory. Only those children who are curled up and crying in the field, God is not willing to let them too much. Sadness, there is really no other way to use memory to appease their anxious mind. You remember the sweetness and fragrance of the old days, but always lost the pits of the road. You forgot, what kind of hardship you have experienced today. You only remember how fascinating the rose blooms, but never pursue her heart full of cold thorns. You only remember that when you were tens of thousands of people, you almost stunned the name and profit of each nerve fiber. At that time, the lonely children with small faces and tears in the corner had no interest. People always think that poverty and suffering have filled the vicissitudes of life, but never know that the good memories will make people load. The beautiful memories are madly inhabited in your little life, and you are grateful to let it mildly face but greedily absorb your air. They are filled with your eyes without any holes, and you can make yourself look beyond the plains. It makes your body dry up, makes you white and gray, so that you will always believe in the end, if the whole world betrayed you, and it still does not leave you will warm the rest of your lonely little years. Oh, dear, wise, you never know that you are just a slave to its poor life. As early as the 5th century BC, the Greeks used poppies for medicine Wholesale Cigarettes, and in the end, the more intelligent people used it to create the illusion of drunken dreams. And now you are not just licking your body, your face is facing forward, but you are retreating and walking back. You look at their eyes and become dull Marlboro Gold. The orange chandeliers resting on the trees glowed warmly but stunned. They came to the right place, but they hit the wrong time. You have been smiling over and over again, and let everyone feel the sunshine in your body. But you don't have memories mokingusacigarettes.com, so you can only repeat the way of coming, repeat the road ahead, smile repeatedly, repeat the clums of practice and remember to walk forward along the scent of tears Parliament Cigarettes. Because there is no memory, you don't even know what you want. You have to tell yourself that so many people want it to be a good thing. Because there is no memory, you fear to fall asleep. The nightmare without memory is a black bottomless vortex. If you fail to get out in time, you will be inhaled. You can't find the way back. You have forgotten how you used to fall asleep. Under the dark night sky, you stepped on the blue grassland, you lie on the brown dry desert, listen to the dust and sand, listen to the thunderstorm passing by, and listen to the inner heart mourning because of loneliness. You won't cry, because the desert can't withstand the heavy and bitter tears, and the cracks will eventually bury everything under the warm, cold ground. No one wants to enter the desert, except you. Because you don't know the goodness of the past, you don't know how to compare the difficulties and the charcoal. Life is not so heavy for you, although it is not so easy because life is too difficult. You are happy to see more misfortunes. You made friends for the first time. It is a guy who can't talk without face Newport Cigarettes Coupons. He wandered all day long in the deserted streets, spitting out even the voices that he could not understand - "Hey... Hey... Hey... Hey... Hey... Hey..." You followed His shadow went, quietly, and suddenly there was someone in the world who could understand you. He looked at you with his empty face, and you couldn't help but smile and cry.
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