Do you feel that you

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Do you feel that you have no strength, no way to move forward, and no courage to give up Marlboro Red. You stand on the journey and rise to mid-air to look forward to the Savior, but know that this is just a luxury. You don't believe in God, but you want heaven and earth; you don't believe in the afterlife, but you are determined in your heart. You must not live like this in the afterlife. You want to look at the roadside full of flowers, but in fact you are busy comforting yourself. Ignore the sunrise and sunset that have come all the way. You don't know the aroma of the flowers, nor the sound of the water. You are silently present in this world, all the changes and you and you are tired of talking to him and her, then the effort will eventually get the appreciation they deserve, because God is not willing to let those children who are full of desire and tenacious forward Pure eyes are full of bitter tears. As long as you know how to correct the pace of the collapse, as long as you always insist that you will do what you want. You say that confident girls are the most beautiful Newport 100S. You say that success will care for children who are awkward but know how to work harder than others. Because the kind and energetic heart is the best thing in the world, but you are suddenly scared. You have always forgotten that you never believe in God. You gave him and swayed too many gorgeous and warm words, wishing to weave a pure world, so beautiful that you are only willing to let others believe that these are true, and this illusion is also fragile and cannot remind yourself of these. It��s all about self-deception. Now you are afraid that God doesn��t like children who will shrink. You used to smile and tell the children who cut their knees and hide in the corner to say how vicious this is. The child believes. He stood up and raised the tender face of the wheat. The red but bright eyes looked straight at you without fear. He said that he didn't hurt at all. He said that he could run farther. He gave you gratitude, and then turned around without hesitation, sprinting away, the thin figure wrapped in the warm golden light, until finally turned into a shining star as far away as God. . You are standing on the yellow mud land on the edge of the corner where the tears have been washed away. I almost forgot the direction I wanted to go. They all said that you have no memory. You only know that you have to go forward. I never knew where I came from, nor did I know where I was going. You can't count your own annual rings. You keep the children's appearance but you can let the adults believe in your theory. You must have lived for a long time Marlboro Gold, and for a long time, you can't accommodate all the past, and you will automatically abandon your birth, your childhood, and many of your experiences. However, you are very clear, even though you have forgotten how many years ago, after how many things have gone through Cigarettes For Sale. In the evening of sadness that evening, the sunset was so heavy that it was about to fall from the sky. The red light almost faded the whole world from the original color, and it was able to smell the deep sadness from the air. You think that is the tears of the sun. Perhaps it is too tired to hang in the sky mokingusacigarettes.com. When you smile, you will show a little tiger teeth. This will make you look like a child. You like this, it will appear that you are not without memory, but experience too little and no need to activate to the memory hub. What kind of child you are, you don't even want to bring even a little bit of trouble and confusion to others. You always tell yourself that you are ok, there is nothing in the world that you can't do. Actually, do you have memories? That day, the sun is so bright that you can't open your eyes, you smile awkwardly, patiently listen to
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