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I have a very good friend -- Li Keyan. He is 11 years old this year, although he is not tall, but has a very strong body. His biggest feature is that basketball is playing very well. Not only basketball, football, badminton, running... Anything about sports, he did a great job. Li Keyan��s appearance is very surprising, mainly his collapsed nose. Listening to my grandmother, when I was three years old, I didn��t know how he was naughty and climbed a table that was more than 1 meter high. Then he threw down and jumped, so the nose fell. This is of course a joke, but his collapsed nose has become the laughing stock of everyone. Whenever he sees him, he is attracted by his nose and keeps asking Newport Cigarettes Coupons. He has a milk name - McDull. Every time I call this name, I think of the cute little pig in the cartoon "McDull". The realistic McDull is very brave and strong. Because of the naughty movement, he always fell, and therefore many scars fell on his body. One of them was almost 5 cm long and squatted on his arm like a donkey. He didn't care about it once. Mom took me and McDull returned to her mother-in-law to pick up corn. He took a sickle and cut a corn stalk. Dad didn't stop seeing it, just intimidating him: "Cut your legs off carefully!" McDull continued to wave his sickle and slashed as he did not hear. After cutting the corn stalks, everyone began to carry the loaded corn to the house. Generally, I can't move like my age. However, when McDull used his strength, he put a bag of corn on his shoulder and his face was red cigars-home.com. He also specializes in climbing trees. For example, the small tree on the side of the road climbed up when you were awkward, and I couldn��t climb if I climbed one or two times. Regardless of the big tree and small tree, he can always climb up like a monkey, causing everyone to praise him to "slip" than me, making my big brother feel unhappy. I personally think that he is the descendant of Sun Wukong Online Cigarettes, and he is not afraid of it. But he was so naughty and he listened to me very much. For the little monkey of McDull, I am Don Juan, and I don��t need to read the spell, I follow me with a fart. Every Saturday and Sunday, he will play with me. With good food and fun, I will always share it with me. I once went to the gym to play basketball with McDull. He made a three-pointer on the court. He has a lot of tricks to play, such as throwing backwards, three big steps, and how to spend it. I grabbed the ball with him Marlboro Gold, and I didn��t grab the hand twice. He grabbed it from my hands again. Dad said that maybe I can��t grab him. However Wholesale Cigarettes, for playing, I am really willing to go down the wind, he is very grand, and loyalty. That time I played the trampoline and saw that I was being bullied. He directly killed the man with the man and tried to fight for you. The man looked at his unrelenting posture and directly scared away. Oh, McDull has become my "protection god", so that my heart is warm, in short, this friend of McDull is the heaviest in my heart. No matter how many shortcomings he has, how naughty he is, he is always my best friend. I hope we will never be apart!

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