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My grandmother's family is in Wenling, Taizhou, Zhejiang. I heard my mother say: Grandma's New Year is not the same as Hangzhou, and the taste of the year is even stronger. This year, we decided to go to our grandmother's house for the New Year, to feel and experience the different tastes. On the day before New Year's Eve, we went to the grandmother's house. The grandmother's house and the workers in the surrounding factories have been on holiday for the New Year, and they are colder than usual. less. However, the streets and alleys are still very lively, the cars are flowing, people come and go, everywhere can be seen as busy people preparing for the new year. Every household has hanged red lanterns and red silk sections, and posted "good fortune, rich, spring, and blessing" and other good-looking calligraphy and paintings, which added a lot of joy to the Chinese New Year. Children must measure their height and record on the wall on New Year's Eve; they must sacrifice their ancestors before eating the dinner; every household should hang lanterns and hang red silk; before the closing of the New Year's Eve Cheap Cigarettes, put three firecrackers, open the door and put three Punch firecrackers and so on. The most memorable thing is to hang red silk, hang lanterns, eat New Year's Eve, and set off firecrackers! After lunch, Dad was ready to work, moved to the ladder, and brought lanterns and red silk. Mother helped hold the ladder so that Dad could climb up Cigarettes For Sale. I was responsible for delivering the items to my father. I slammed my hand on the red silk and gave it to my father. I held the other end of the heavy red silk in one hand and looked up at my father. Then I lifted the lantern and ran to the ladder and rubbed my feet to the top of my head, for fear that my father couldn't get it. Under the cooperation of the KONE, it was finally completed successfully. Dad finally connected the lantern wire to the terminal block, and the lantern began to light up and turned up. I am holding the lantern, don't mention how happy the grandmother can have a good night! The dishes are not only amazing in color, but also fragrant, it is really mouth-watering. The family was happy to eat and talk around the round table, talk about the harvest this year, the children's learning situation. I don't know when my stomach is round. After dinner, our family gathered in front of the TV to watch my favorite CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The essays made us laugh. When the TV sounded at 24:00, there was a loud sound of firecrackers coming out, and a new year was ushered in the gorgeous fireworks. I was urging my parents and went to bed, but The sound of firecrackers outside is still endless. Well, it��s really different. The old man said: If you suffer from pain, you can truly enjoy your happiness. I am willing to experience the cold winter. I am looking forward to the New Year��s taste of breathing. For us Chinese, it is also called the Spring Festival. It is a festival held by people to celebrate the return of spring. Every year, not yet until the end of the year, or the lunar winter month. At the time, the adults in their hometowns actively acted, or cleaned, or washed laundry, or slaughtered the pigs, or added items; the dolls, they also played their own little ninety-nine, conceived a new year. plan. I still remember that at that time, I often couldn��t help but laugh at the excitement. In this way, looking up, you can accurately smell the annual taste in the air is getting stronger and stronger; Zhang Mu, everything around it is very cold, but it can also become endless, the lovely Chinese New Year is coming, the hometown is naturally surrounded by lights The knots, the sound of the guns, the people coming and going, there are happy faces everywhere. The annual taste in the air is so strong that I remember that at a very young age, my most desirable thing was the New Year. Although I was still young and ignorant, I knew that during the first few days of the year, my parents would buy me a lot of delicious snacks and buy me a lot of new clothes. More importantly, I can still get the lucky money, let me show off in front of the children in the field. Of course, after the show off, I will not forget to share how I changed from a "small ��ؤ" to a "small landlord" to the children. These feelings should be the biggest reason for my childhood to remember the taste of the year. In my hometown, there are naturally some Chinese New Years. For example, on the New Year's Day, you must first pay homage to the ancestors and express your nostalgia and respect for the ancestors Newport Cigarettes Coupons. On the first day of the first month Marlboro Gold, you can't sweep the floor all day, and you can't dump garbage. Because if you do this, it will mean sweeping away and dumping the wealth in your home. The new year will not make any money. On the second day of the first month, I was very much loved by children, because from this day, children can go to relatives with the adults, and they will hear many stories about the elders�� New Year. Then there is a red envelope to harvest, and then it is constantly red packets with the children Newport Cigarettes. Then, then, naturally, it��s constantly hars year-end edition, which is more than the taste of the years when my father and grandfather did not know how sweet. These flavors are worthy of my life in a new era.

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