Walking on the street

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Walking on the street, I looked depressed, and I lowered my head and just walked forward to the bustling streets, the vehicles of the river, the familiar pedestrians, the soft sunshine, and the breeze blowing in the face made me feel The warmth and lovableness of this city made me want to fly and look forward to it. But this morning, this street is still the street I used to walk through. The roadside scenery is still the scenery of yesterday. I walked up, but I felt very long. I walked nervously and nervously on the street where people came and went, hiding and hiding, for fear of being seen, especially when they were afraid of meeting acquaintances, fearing that they would recognize me, fearing that they would see my face. I don't know what kind of horror and doubts they will see when they see my face. I didn't meet acquaintances along the way. A bus finally sailed to the platform, and I couldn't wait to get on. This is over, go to school, be led, and be seen by colleagues, what will happen? The closer the car is to the terminal, the more nervous the mood is, the more worried about getting out of the car, I want to hurry to school to hide it. If the comrades and leaders of the unit ask, I will explain them clearly, believe it or not. After getting along for so many years, they still don��t know what I am. When I approached the school gate, I was shocked: how is it so smart today, not a school, where are so many parents and students! Didn't they rush to see my excitement? Although I think so, I have to go through the scalp. I still looked down, like no one knows. Soon, I sneaked into my office Xiao Wu. Did you both fight last night? How do you have two blood marks on your face?" I smiled and asked me. I quickly raised my head and smiled awkwardly Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online. He said, "Where, no, you look, this is not a hand digging. It��s my glasses frame. I said to him. Oh, the digging is quite symmetrical. Haha, he continues to sneer and laugh. I know that he is deliberately teasing me, but I am still speechless. I feel that the silence at this time is better than any excuse. According to the usual practice, the first thing after the holiday is that it is necessary to go to the meeting and all the actions to listen to the command. The meeting allowed everyone to unify their thinking and clarify their tasks. In front of my colleagues, I don��t think I have to cover up, because the hidden things are not revealed. I walked into the conference room secretary and sat across from me By Newport 100. She first saw my face. She gestured to me and asked me what? I said unequivocally: "You can blow it when you press the glasses." It must have been beaten by someone, just like a slap in the face of someone, hitting your glasses and putting two marks on your face!" A young male colleague said with a slap in the face, I did it. What do you think is unpleasant?" I know that the person is very joke, so I smiled and replied. I have the meaning of seeing people, what people say, this is his business, as long as I have no worries Marlboro 100S Cartons Us. The gentleman is frank, but many colleagues still advise me not to wear glasses. Because I have never worn glasses before, it is strange to wear them only to prevent computer radiation. I have been wearing glasses for a few days. I felt any discomfort, or found myself hurt. Why, I read glasses for two hours in front of the computer yesterday, and after getting up early the next morning, I found two fingers on both sides of the bridge of the nose miraculously. Blood seal It��s strange to say. Is it biased to make me ugly? Why not happen during the holidays, but on the first day of work. How to say, this is always bad. It��s misunderstood, why bother. I still change first. After the glasses, I went to work in the afternoon, and I rushed to the owner of the sun and moon glasses that sold me glasses. Come and see what my face looks like." I calmly said that when the boss saw it, he stopped. Said: "How could this be so powerful after a while Newport Cigs Cheap, she said: "I see, this is not like the frame pressure, the frame pressure can only be pressed on the bridge of the nose, not to delay to the face Marlboro 100'S Carton... but please Urgent, you take off your glasses, I will give you the correction of the (glasses) shelf correction. She took my glasses and went to the background. I tried to change the glasses shelf. But the boss advised me to let me wear it and try again. If you really don't adapt to anything, you can only change it. I reluctantly agreed. I hope it is not the fault of glasses.

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