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After being displaced, the wandering Du Fu settled in the grassy hall of Chengdu, and his heart gradually returned to calm. Raising flowers and growing vegetables, like the old farmers, began to care about the changes in the weather. Therefore, a spring rain is not only the embodiment of spring and dream in the eyes of Shi Sheng, but also the compassionate people, knowing the "good rain" of the folks. In fact, where does the rain know what time is good? What time is bad? If the rain really knows In good times, there will be no floods that cause the people to be displaced. The history of the return to the rain is so good because she meets people��s expectations and makes people confuse that there is a ��heart and soul�� between man and nature. What is more important is that the rain always solves the urgent needs of the crop people. Sometimes, for those who have lost their souls, they create a miserable atmosphere, so that those who are comfortable with something can think that the sky is also affectionate. Therefore, the tears that are not in the head are sprinkled. Summer and autumn, the rain that meets people's mood is a good rain. Compared with the rhododendron, it needs spring rain to moisten everything. I am more selfish. I love the summer storm and the free and easy rain, because a pouring rain can instantly make people feel heart-wrenching. The summer heat, scrubbing the mountains and rivers Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online, people, plants and animals re-lived in a short time. The rain of summer is like a wild horse that is mad like a dislocated wild horse. It is sprinkled for ten days and a half, not like the spring rain. A few drops on the lingering, let people be grateful to Dade Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, and drop a "spring rain is as oily" reputation as the summer wind and rain like a winter sun shining through the window Make Newport 100, let people indulge, forget the flow of time. When the gust of wind urged the dark clouds of the city to gather rapidly over the top of the people's heads Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping, at this time, the crops who suffered from the hardships of the summer often walked out of the courtyard, three or two groups, standing in front of the door, shaking the fan, and guessing the rain. The coming and the size of the rain, and a burst of comfort from the heart. The dark clouds seemed to hear people whispering on the dusty ground, hitting a flash of lightning, and thundering loud noises to remind people to avoid the rain quickly. When people lazily and reluctantly leaned against the door frame, the wind whipped up heavy rain and fell on the ground, causing a small amount of fine soil to fly, and instantly turned into wet soil. The rain is getting more and more urgent, like the love of adolescent men and women, falling on the ground, too late to open, it will produce a small flower of small water. The shredded water is swiftly swept away from the ground with the wind, and the naughty is extremely cute. The water on the eaves merges into a slender stream of water, flowing down the dull gray tiles, hitting the ground, making a scream of "squeaky", the sound of raindrops, and the "big beads and beads falling into the jade plate" The mood of the rain fell to the ground, too late to slip away, merged into a piece of muddy water yellow soup, like a smart yellow-yellow mountain rock. Waiting for the rain to stop, the sky is not mixed, the distant wilderness is in full view, the inner boring bitterness is swept away, and a deep breath, like the essence of the heavens and the earth, feels cool The mood of the heart and the rain is sometimes like the self-respecting cockroaches. I am lonely and talk to my friends about the summer rain in my hometown. The friend casually said: "What is the pleasure of the rain?" Then he thinks of something important. Things, my eyes fixed on me, and asked in confusion: "Isn't the news saying that your hometown has been flooded this year?" I smiled and looked at the tung tree that had been blown by the wind for a long time Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store. I whispered: " This summer's summer rain is not the time, people regard it as a scourge.

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