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Forgot when it was, I learned to pretend to be myself. I suddenly remembered the ignorance of my childhood Cigarettes Online Cheap Free Shipping, my roommates, my friends, and strangers, because I was ignorant and happy. In elementary school, there is a big banyan tree that has been growing for half a century next to the school building. It is a "playground" for me and my friends. The friendship in elementary school is simple and pure, without purpose or commitment between men, but a simple sentence: "Go, go dodge the ball." I cried there... I laughed and remembered that I was "black" when I was in fourth grade. In a math class, it is still very disgusting to the teacher's career. The results have been kept in the top five of the grade, and I am a good student of the aura, because I was sentenced to a special aura when I left my homework. At that time, the teacher who said that I did not finish the work angered the big triangle board and fell on the floor. The triangle was divided into two. My childhood shadow was officially established. After that class, I was sent to the corridor to write homework. Really "blackening" is the phrase of my favorite English teacher. "I missed you." After that day, I unloaded the good student aura, and the teachers never looked at me again. Gradually resent the puppet like learning life, the only fun is to avoid the ball with the friends under the banyan tree. At that time, I learned to use the idiom to gather together, squatting, junior high school three years from the class. The bottom of the bottom to the bottom of the age. I can't be passed on hope, but because of a girl, I fight back to the results again and again. First love can't go to the end, but I still thank the ignorant love at that time, so that I didn't become a social dross. I don't know why. I like to follow my brother. He likes to paint, but at the time the family was poor, he could only I gave up art, but I went on, or because I hated reading from the bottom of my heart. And because my brother likes to read books, I don't like to read books, but I accidentally like to find a quiet place to read a book, and because I found a few people who can make me really shout a teacher. I have nothing to do Marlboro Red Shorts Carton, I finally found something I like Cheap Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, I joined a community on the Internet, a music club. When the college entrance examination approached Newport Short Carton, the students around me kept writing the questions, but I imitated the ancients who wrote poetry and became an ancient music lyricist. Falling flowers have no intention of water, and countless "falling flowers" have been handed over to my "dead water". Although I have always hated reading Cheap Marlboro 100S Cigarettes, I picked up the textbooks in the last few days and picked up the pens. The final result actually defeated the class. Most of the people. Being able to come to this school is really unexpected, I found my own organization, and I am very fortunate to have found my own dormitory, my class... The only language teacher I once liked said that my writing is melancholy with sunshine, so I was told by the classmates that I became a black prince, but if I can meet again, I can smile and say that now I can smile without heart. I can't forget the banyan tree, I can't forget the teacher, and I can't forget the phrase "Meet with you, so lucky."

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