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"Looking at the ruthless and affectionate, the trip is not suitable for staying. Changting poetry River Bridge wine, a tree red velvet falling horses." This is the Qing Dynasty poet Qiao Maocai's "Night of Joy". In the poem, Ma Ying refers to a flower called Acacia. The flowering period of Acacia flowers is in June and July of each year. It has only filigrees and no petals. Because of the variety, there are red and white. When flowering, it looks like an open fan, and the leaves are opposite each other Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap. It will be combined in the middle of the night, so it is called acacia flower. The place that passed, for every corner of the world, has been replaced with new colors. Walking on the boulevard Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa, the dense foliage covers the sun, and the trees are cool and comfortable. From time to time, I can hear the roar of a sound bird and a burst of insects. A trace of sunlight passed through the cracks of the leaves, shining on the ground, like a bunch of bright lights, shining. Along with this unique piece of music, it suddenly feels the sound of nature and the sound of the sounds. When the breeze gently licked the cheeks, the trees fell from time to time with leaves and flowers. Like a short petal rain, falling from the sky. At this time, a few fluffy flowers floated from my eyes and slowly floated to the ground Cheapest Cigarette Cartons, and their appearance attracted my attention. These small flowers are different from ordinary flowers. Their petals are not one piece, but one piece of silk. The front part is pink, the second part is white, and the petals are tightly clustered together, just like a piece of Zhang. Open feather fan. Numerous small flowers are densely huddled together, clustered in clusters, and looked close, as bright and beautiful as the bride's bouquet. In the distance, it looks like a red cloud surrounded by branches. Inadvertently, you can smell a faint fragrance under the tree, which makes you feel relaxed and happy. I think this is the Acacia tree. Old people often say that the Acacia tree is a symbol of always love and a good husband and wife. Yes, you see, the leaves of the pieces are arranged from short to long, neatly arranged, opposite each other. In the evening, the leaves will be together, as if the couples are in a group. Those flowers are like their children, and they are growing in the wind. There are more than one acacia trees on the roadside. They are interspersed in the middle of other trees in twos and threes. They line up in rows, red, yellow, and green. The colors are gathered together, as if they are paved with strips. Rainbow Avenue. It seems that it is a unique view of the summer. In a green world, there are colorful stars shining. In the world of nature, it is no surprise that birds are barking on the branches. But bees and butterflies also come in pairs to fly under this tall acacia tree, but it is rare. I always think that they will only show their graceful appearance among the shorter flowers, but the branches and leaves of the acacia tree have become their vast stage. Look, they are in pairs Cheap Newport 100, in this flower, the branches fly around, presumably also attracted by the unique beauty and fragrance of this acacia flower. In this city, the acacia tree can be seen everywhere, every time we come A place can see a beautiful acacia tree among many high-rise buildings Cigarettes 100'S. I think that the reason why people plant so many acacia trees in the city is not only because they are beautiful and tall. More importantly, the Acacia tree is a spirit of love. In life, we not only have a small love for family and love, but also a big love for society, the world, and nature. Only by passing on the spirit of this love, let everyone have a kind of fraternal mind, our life will be more harmonious and beautiful!

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