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connection between the "appreciation" and "forgetting" of life in the world. If there is, it must be the "retreat" between the "in" and the reality in life. After years of life, I look back at the years that I have been busy with, as if I think that time will be reduced to people's servants, people use it to complete various careers, or let it help us do a lot of things, and the time is rewarded. It is the trace of the years left on the smooth and white face of people. In the wind and rain, not to mention the glimpse of the peach. When no one cares about it, the peach tree is still blooming, and it still grows according to the season. In the midsummer where no one has harvested her "fruit", she still hangs the dried green fruit. I hope that her life is not a utopian dream. In the absence of a long life, it is only a matter of tirelessness that she will not get her true hope. To say that precipitation is the foundation of her life, then accumulate this for life. Gravity is one of her responsibilities, because life requires a lifetime of unpredictable practice, and it will have a respectful and generous respect. Darwin said that if there is no favorable individual difference or variation in a species, natural selection will do nothing; If there is no empty position in the natural institutions of the region Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale, one or more changed creatures can be better occupied, and the natural choice is also incapable of doing a stubborn peach tree. In order to pursue her unswerving choice, it is ��imperfect�� and Not the fault in her efforts Cheapest Newports Cigarettes, but I ignored the fact that she continued to appreciate her and pay attention to her. The motivation of reluctance in the goal is compatible with my goodwill, including the loss of the middle section. Just as Jia Pingwa��s discussion of ��ugly stone��, the ugliness is the ultimate beauty. In the realm of ugliness and beauty, imagination can soar, he I can say that the ugliness and beauty are a kind of ignorant silence, a kind of blessing in life, presumably, that peach tree is not like this. After my warm eyes, the peach tree came. In the rain, she hopes that the rain will soak the direction of her passing away; she can lie in her own paintings, she does not think of the hustle and bustle of the stars, so dazzling as mountains and rivers; as long as she lives in the world, convinced of life It will surely invade the aroma. Because, there are stories in the intertwined years, and my gaze squints at the corner of the wall. The flowers fall into the mud and the green leaves are dying. It seems that he knows that life is only a process as long as he is alive. As long as you live, hope is not the behavior of individual life, but a belief inheritance of life. The baptism of Xia Yu is the transformation of life and the crystallization after transformation. It may be the kind of light that she pursues. However, in the nine years of winter, the snow in Xinjiang is very big. Maybe this spring is destined to comfort the peach trees. In the peach trees that have been paid for the fire several times, she will be alive after she is sad. The long-lasting strings have been transformed into the heart of Muse, and I am so happy that my heart is warm, my lips are deep and my eyes are deep and full. In the year, the peach tree blossoms are full of forests, and it is a few degrees of burning, or dew or contain It is pleasing to the slightest, and it is gentle and graceful. The peach tree is fruity and charming. It is not for the bee butterfly, or it is thick or light, and it will be laughed at the world. In the heart of the flower, the half-song Tang poem! Singing life at the trembling wrist Write a long time to clear the word! Round the wind and dust, think of the rainy years to the painful years, Wen Yan, how is his sorrow? Hey: Only to live up to the hope of life revolving Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap, bloom its own beauty. Year, red flutter, powder group, The bright peach blossoms bring the wind into the red dust and show the beauty to the season. Because she, the spring breeze is more charming; because she, the dark clouds have more delicate life. Even if I miss the sun, I will see the starry light. I feel the worldly dust. Sometimes it may not be correct in her and my eyes, because, dust Between people have become accustomed to their eyeballs with the crowd, a man and a favorite explanation explanation does not like people to get the favor of the public, in order to win sympathy envious Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa, but with the phase also normal. Therefore, I missed or possessed in my life to cover up the original mistake. I couldn��t help but regret my narrow vision. I also gave up my love for her because of the ��ugly�� appearance of the peach tree. Apologize, it is not so much that it makes me painful. It is better to say that my spiritual cultivation is not enough to pursue and give up. It is a normal attitude to life. Because life should be abandoning the year, I will taste a piece without words. Round and soft peaches and repeat all the procedures of the next peach.... Is this life? Life is tempered with the four seasons, and the four seasons are bred with peach trees and me. Peach trees are for me, she is an unspeakable mood in my heart. I hope that I can not only let myself appreciate, but also let others feel the spring breeze. Today, the peach tree is in my place, it is my mood. She can fill the emptiness of running away from time. It is a time old man who has deposited peach red and green on the paper of her heart and my heart. I am touched by the pink and stubborn personality all the time, and deep. Know! The beauty of all things is precipitated from the depths of the soul. The things themselves cannot have absolute beauty. Her beauty is hidden in their own unremitting creation or their souls who dare to express their individuality; wildness and lust, drunken dreams The soul of the turmoil cannot be called a purely melodic melody, but it must be seen that Lingyun's spiritual state and the purification of the soul. It must be the source of all things' individuality, rich connotation, and purity of nature. Therefore, I don't want to entangle too much in the emotional world of pink personality and I use my perfection to conceal my proud aesthetic consciousness Newports 100S Price. I want to say which one is full of my appeal. Force, I will not hesitate to say: Or the corner of the corner of the peach, has the experience of her life, the soul will be rich; close the eyes, thinking that I can forget; open your eyes, the scenery will not lie to myself

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