The persimmons

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The persimmons are red again, and they are scattered on the branches and lanterns. This is a lively and festive scene, but no one is happy for them. They are forgotten. Nowadays, children don��t like to eat such fruits. What do they want to eat, just say something to their family Newport Regular Cigarettes, and at most, make a mess. I can eat it now; the children now have a lot of snacks, and the variety of them is dazzling, and they will never be excited to eat a persimmon. Most of the children now don��t fall under the persimmon tree, they will not look up. Looking up at the persimmons on the tree Buy Discount Cigarettes, swallowing water; nowadays, children rarely play on the trees and play the current children. It is difficult to understand the helplessness and happiness of our childhood snacks. We rarely eat apples when we were young. And bananas, the most commonly eaten are wild fruits on the mountain. Once in the fall, the children will automatically team up to find the fruit. If the wild grapes that were not ripe at the time are the sour teeth of the children, the ripe persimmons are the sweeties of the children, and the children love to eat sugar. Therefore, the persimmons are particularly fond of seeing the children clamoring in the mountains, and the monkeys smash into the persimmon forest and spread out. The older ones are on the tree, and the younger ones are circling under the persimmon tree. The taller ones reach out and pick the persimmons. The shorter ones can only pick up the toes or pick them up. Some children are smarter, and they talk to the little friends on the tree. One person picks up the tree, one picks up at the bottom of the tree, and the red persimmon falls from the palm of one person into the palm of the other person. The ash on the surface of the persimmon is worn away. Something, the taste has not changed at all. However, this is limited to the persimmons that are not ripe and the ripe persimmons will become soft and soft. The color is as thick as it is Newport 100S Carton Price. The soft persimmon in the sun is crystal clear. Through the thin outer skin, you can see clearly. The flesh with distinct lines inside. The frosted persimmon will become extraordinarily sweet and will become extra soft. When you reach out and touch it gently, the epidermis will rupture and open an orange-red flower. Some ripe persimmons are often seen on the surface. A few small holes, which were taken by the bees to make honey. Persimmons that have been licked by bees will have a bitter taste. It is reasonable to say that such persimmons will not be picked. In fact, such persimmons are the most desirable for children. The soft persimmon that had been licked by the bee was taken off, and the layer of almost transparent skin was carefully peeled off. The bite that had not been licked was bitten down Cigarette Wholesale Online, and the sweet juice filled with mouth was bitten. The sweetness overflowed and floated into the nose of the little friend around me, causing the little friend to swallow the mouth before the water. Q: Sweet, the child who eats the sweet and soft persimmon, covering his mouth, satisfied with his face: How sweet is not sweet, smart Bees will only pick the sweetest and most ripe persimmon honey. There is no additive in such sweetness Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, only the sun and the rain and dew. It is naturally sweet and pure. At that time, there is a season called persimmon season, and there is a color called persimmon red. Every persimmon season, the persimmon red will sway the eyes, the persimmon honey will sweeten into the bottom of my heart, which is loved by the children, and is also a large piece of persimmon that the adults like to see, like a wildfire, burning a large valley It burns up the hills, there is no smoke, no temperature, but it is lively. When the

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