Burning railway ties a crazy idea

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Burning railway ties at Mission Flats to create electricity is crazy Newport Cigarettes Website, if not evil. Where does our provincial and federal government get off giving $1.5 million and $2.7 million to the Aboriginal Cogeneration Corporation (ACC) to build a micropower station at Mission Flats to burn the CPR's old railway ties to create electricity to sell back to BC Hydro? Aren't our governments supposed to protect public health Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, not harm it? Railway ties are saturated with creosote - a highly toxic pesticide containing numerous cancer-causing chemicals including benzene, toluene, xylene, phenols and pyridines - and burning these railway ties will release these chemicals into Kamloops' airshed and into Kamloopsians' lungs contributing to disease and death. EPA in conjunction with Health Canada's Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency issued a preliminary risk assessment for creosote under NAFTA in August 2007. This assessment warned people "not to burn (creosote containing) wood in open fires or stoves, fireplaces or residential boilers because toxic chemicals may be produced as part of the smoke and ashes Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa." God can only hope that it's not too late for our mayor and council to warn ACC not to burn railways ties at Mission Flats. The ACC's web page states that construction is already underway on their micropower station at Mission Flats Cheapest Marlboro 100 Cigarettes. Why is this story only coming to light now? Why haven't out local politicians stood up for Kamloopsians' right to breath safe air? Rest assured our bureaucrats tell us Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale, there will be "no measurable effect on Kamloops' ambient air quality" by burning toxic railways ties at Mission Flats. Yeah, and if you believe that I have some land on Mars for you to buy! KEVIN MILLERSHIP

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