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My hometown is in the countryside. It is the place where I gave birth to me. There are hard-working folks, and the land I love so much. The story that happened in my hometown has a strong local flavor. When winter comes, Surrounded by fields and woods, the village is surrounded by small rivers. The leaves of the fields have fallen, like the posture of a thousand hands Guanyin, and the village is blessed with good weather. The river is no longer flooding, no longer swaying, but tightly shrinking itself in the middle of the riverbed, shallow river. In the days that have not been frozen, the river is very clear, and the clear can see the memories of the small stones at the bottom of the river; the winter in the hometown is particularly cold, the north wind whistling, blowing to the face like a knife, the snow is inadvertently At the time, a large lot of land fell silently, the whole mountain, the fields were white, and the rolling hills were covered with beautiful new clothes. It has become a 'silver mountain' silver package. Wrapped, extraordinarily enchanting', adding a beautiful view, the earth has changed appearance, the house shows new capital, and a tree adds a new atmosphere. The children were pleasantly surprised in the courtyard, yelling in the fields, and the adults would open their eyes and look forward to next year's harvest. Snowflakes can eliminate some of the winter pests and protect the seeds. The snow fell down in the middle of the night, thick, and the night could reflect the charming light. The mountains, the earth, the houses and the trees after the snow made up the scenery that could not be seen on a clear day. When I was a child, I always went out to see more when I was peeing. This late night snow is the prelude to really open the winter. Winter is the coldest season of the year. People go out wearing sheepskin, flipping fur shoes and wearing them. The dog skin hat resists the intrusion of the cold wind. Wind and snow brought inconvenience to life, but also brought wild interest, enriched my childhood life, snow is a good partner for children, became the opening game of the game, the little friends often run in the snow, after falling snow Snowmen, snowball fights, no matter how good the snowman is, or how bad it is Marlboro Red 100S Carton, it will attract adults Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, children laugh, snow becomes the game center of the children, chasing, running, laughing in the snow Sometimes, I am rolling around in the snow, and some adults are joking around, loudly encouraging, sipping, and more lively. Snow, always makes people feel unfinished. At that time, it was always red and swollen like a small carrot. It was cold and happy, because in the secluded village, only winter snow could bring endless things to the children. Happy every snowy weather, the birds can't find food flying in the air to cover the sky, the scene is extremely spectacular. The group of sparrows that flew up and down made us tickle, and always wanted to catch back a few early adopters, and also provided the best time for people to kill. The people who killed the sparrows came up with a lot of ways to sweep out an empty space in the yard, sprinkle buckwheat around, or other food as a bait, covered with a straw screen, and a small wood to support the grass screen. Put a stone on top of the grass screen to participate in the weight of the grass screen. After all the preparations are ready, we will hold the rope gently in a far away place, waiting patiently for the greedy birds. I hooked up for a while, and many birds saw the grain and flew around the grass screen, but they dared not go forward to eat. It was probably not good to find food in winter. These birds have not encountered so many delicious foods for a long time. The temptation of food, or let these birds give up vigilance, flew to the grass screen to eat and eat, and see the opportunity to pull the rope. The stick fell and a few birds were covered under the grass screen. Look good to find a cage to raise, jump in the cage, do not eat or drink, tortured to death in a few days. Like the usual on the spot, it was put on the stove and baked. About an hour or so, dial the black shell outside and sprinkle the salt. There was no snack at that time, and the taste was so rich that the wildlife resources around our village were very rich. The forest is dense, bushy and has many wild animals. It is a natural hunting ground. Usually people catch hares, hares have a quirk, that is, love to walk the old road, as long as they are not disturbed and scared, go back and forth every day and go all the way, and they will step on a vaguely recognizable path for a long time, and detect the hare in the daytime Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. The only way to go is to use a thin wire to circle some of the straws that are slightly larger than the rabbit's head. Tied to the heel of the sea buckthorn tree, next to the path of the hare, adjust the height of the wire sleeve so that it is four or five centimeters from the ground. So that when the rabbit passes by, it just happens to be able to get his head into it. The black rabbit will go out for food. Because its eyes are long on both sides of the head, the observation force on the front is not strong. The wire set, the head was stuck in the drill, and the rabbit was only able to move forward, but did not know how to step back and take advantage of the broad sky. The more struggling, the tighter the set, until the consciousness is lost. Two days in the morning, I went to pick up the rabbits. When I was lucky, I could get four or five in one night. Because the technical content of the rabbit is low, all the young and the old can, and even more, never set, get up every morning to go out and lick the rabbit, for a time, the wolf smokes, the insults come, often the body is strong and strong, and the rabbit is not mastered. Technology, one person holding a flashlight, one person holding a stick, sweeping around the grass, once the rabbit is found to cover it with a flashlight, the rabbit likes to run in the light range, it will never voluntarily run to the boundless darkness when it is greedy for a moment of light. Going in, so once you are photographed, you will not be able to escape the captured fate. The most interesting thing about the one who can show a little stick is that after the heavy snow, the thick snow covers all the signs on the ground, and the sun warms during the day. A layer of snow, a layer of ice on the surface at night, the partners got up early in the morning, screaming and running on this layer of ice, was shocked, the rabbit panicked and tried to run but never recognized a direction As a result, the left and right rushes are the joint round-ups that can't escape the partners Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Finally, they are so tired that they can't run, and they climb on the ground and squat. The hare took home, in the era of material poverty, at that time people lacked environmental awareness, thinking about the law to kill all kinds of wildlife resources, there is a willingness to improve the family's dietary structure, and more is to seek a fun hometown. In the winter, there is a deep my love for my homeland, and the picture of Xiaomei holding hands, which makes me unforgettable. No matter where I am Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, I will see the beauty of my hometown winter when I first return. The laughter and laughter of my childhood friends are always there. The ear reverberates, and the familiar figure is still playing back in my mind. When the night is quiet, I always think of my hometown, where there are hard-working folks, more love for my land, how many inhuman encounters, sour and bitter, With the thick hometown, it was drowned in the red dust. Every winter, I always evoke deep memories in my heart.

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