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Just starting school, a sudden news spread throughout our class: "Mathematics must be replaced by a new teacher!" The whole class exploded like a pot, and the students talked. This said: "Is the teacher male or female?" The one said: "The teacher is fierce?" Some said.e on, come!" As I didn't know the voice of the classmate, the focus of the classmate's hot topic---the new teacher walked into the classroom with a steady pace Marlboro Red 100S Online. I was seen by a woman wearing a black and white top and a white skirt, about 30 to 40 years old, and a medium build. I saw her cutting a short hair with youthful hair, a few thin wrinkles crawling on her forehead, a pair of sharp but bloodshot eyes under the long eyelashes, and a slight hoarse voice e the new teacher came to our class, the phenomenon of whispering and doing small movements during the math class was greatly reduced. The students who did not finish the homework also had no way to escape! The school time was postponed, and our ears rang more. Humming, I am a little bit blaming the teacher like the "Pacific Police" like other students.hing happened soon, let me change my mind about the new teacher. One morning, I walked on the playground with my bag. Suddenly I felt a gaze on me. I turned my head and looked at it. The new teacher approached me with a smile. She said to me slyly, "Su Nan, your composition. Well written, if you work harder, I believe that your mathematics will reach excellent..." At this time, I found that her eyes have a kind of gaze that I am very familiar with Carton Of Newport Cigarettes In Ny. It is the same as my father and mother. It is full of Looking forward to it Cigarette Newport Carton 2015. Although the conversation was so short, it made me feel shocked: she actually knew my composition! At this time Cheap Priced Marlboro Gold Sold In Us, I seem to understand that the new teacher postponed the school time and repeated intentions. I seem to understand why the new teacher��s eyes are all at once. Bloodshot!new teacher not only demands strictness in our study, but also works very well. I remember that when I was in class, the new teacher criticized a girl who was doing little tricks harshly and mercilessly. The woman was cold and faint to her classmates, often using her excellent achievements as the cost of degrading others. Therefore, the students hate her very much. Most of the teachers are because she is learning to spoil her to protect her, even if she made a mistake, she is reluctant to criticize. The new teacher��s move made us feel very resentful and let us experience justiceazzling, full of joy for more than two months of study and life, the new teacher has become an "old" teacher, she is still diligently rushing for the spring silkworm to pay for us. A few faint freckles on her face seemed to tell us: "Work hard Ciggarettes Marlbore Reds 100 Online, time is not waiting for people!"

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