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Our class members especially like to talk about teachers, especially for teachers who are a little "characteristic". In the past, the most talked about is our math teacher. got along half a year, and when he went to the podium, the whole class was in a state of utter disappointment. Why is it so young? Young people doubt his ability, still so fashionable, fashionable people doubt his depth. Generally, don't look at his figure "slim", it is quite strong. Wearing a black suit all day. White shirt inside. Walking up the road to be full of enthusiasm, under the care of "Dabao", there is a white face. Under the thick eyebrows, wearing a pair of color-changing glasses, the "laser" hidden under the spectacle lens. What is different is that his eyes are always exchanged. Whenever he smiles through my sight, I can't help but think of it - Crayon Shinchan Order Malboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa, a funny guy. It��s the more you look at it, the more you want to see it. There is also his sneakers. It��s still very special, it��s awkward. Became our loyal "sentinel." As long as the rhythm of the rhythm is not in a hurry, the classroom immediately presents a scene of "the dawn is quiet here." This drama-like game and the sound of the "squeaky" footsteps became a warm memory that flows through our hearts.rtly after the start of school, Lao Cai engaged in a "referendum." This democratic election is no longer "hot" in school. This can be traced back to Zhu Laoban in junior high school. Within a few days, Lao Cai was ingenuity, and he chose the squad leader and set the rules for democracy. There is also the recent "credit system", and we are heart-warming. Oh! His intention is self-evident. I got the praise of the teachers at the grade level. The discipline of the 8th class is well known throughout the Cai is very eccentric. Since the "Pangu Kaitian". Our class is "yin and yang." There are very few ladies in the class. The only color of 12 "golden flowers". The quality is still not discussed. So it has to be protected like a dangerous species. When Lao Cai is worried about this, it is also the moment when our 8 classes of boys sigh!one said: What kind of chickens and skins are pushed to the class committee. I don��t care if I attend the festival. Say he is out of the crowd! He often swims around the classroom Cigarette Newport Carton 2015. Good as a mathematics instructor! He often comes to tell us some English corrections. Hey! What stuff!ing with him can be described as the wind of March, he is like a talented speaker Newport Cigarette For Sale. Up and down five thousand years, the waves are tens of thousands of miles. It involves economic, cultural and military aspects Newport 100S Price In Va. Whether it is the "Shenzhou V" of the fact-through train, or the "middle-station situation" of the military intelligence station, or the death of Mei Yanfang, who is entertaining, he talks. In addition to his passionate speeches, the office also has his beautiful and beautiful singing voice Marlboro Gold 100 Cigarettes, and the performance sang the "single love song" of the sad man's world version. It is estimated that the voice will be around the building for three days! the past six months, we have played together, played computer together, and listened to music together. Under his impetus. We unexpectedly discovered that we learned to live in self-reliance. I learned to communicate, and the generous Lao Cai took out a meager salary and became the Kodak film of our autumn tour. Leave a happy high school and leave a testimony of youth.

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