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The protagonist (1): �� sweet girl Aina: is the princess of Alice, has a noble temperament Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online, but also about the love of others. She is protagonist (2): Wisdom girl Li Qi: Li Qi has a different brain from ordinary people, she is very smart. Her father and mother are scientists. When Li Qi was a child, because Mom and Dad were busy experimenting all day Cigarettes Online Cheap Free Shipping, they rarely took time to play with Li Qi. Li Qi was rarely a partner when she was a child Buy Newports Cheap, so her character is very lonely, but Li Qi is still very kind. She also likes to sing very much.agonist (3): Cheerful girl Benny: Benny's family is very poor. Although she was born in a poor family, she never complained. Benny's character is very cheerful. For her family, she is a pistachio. Benny also likes to sing very much, because she always believes in one sentence: singing can solve people's troubles.: Three girls of different personalities are very fond of singing. In an accidental encounter, the three girls met in the singing competition and became good friends. They are preparing to sing their songs to many people together, so they begin to fulfill their dreams. Three girls are about to take risks together... first chapter is ready to take risksle girls have to overcome difficulties have you thought about it? Are you going to take risks?" Benny turned like an ant. It turned out that three little girls are discussing the things to take risks. While she is thinking about realizing her dreams and fearing family concerns, at this time, only the smart girl Li Qi has a solution.Li Qi took the opportunity, she came up with a solution. Aina and Benny, who are struggling, immediately opened their eyes and opened their eyes. "We have to go to risk, we must go through the family's consent. The biggest problem is Aina, because you are a princess. So we have to discuss with our parents and make a decision tomorrow." Aina and Benny agreed to Li Qi. Thoughts. Everyone can't wait to run home and discuss with their parents. Uneasy Aina also hurried back to the palace.second day, Li Qi and Benny came to the park to wait for Aina. Li Qi and Benny are also happy with a little bit of happiness. It is because Li Qi and Benny��s parents have agreed Newport Carton Wholesale, because they are afraid that Aina��s parents will not agree. Li Qi said uncomfortably: "Why didn't Aina come, let's go to the Royal Fort to find her." "Good." Benny agreed. and Liqi rushed to the Royal Fort. "Who are you? Not everyone can go in here," said a very solemn knight. Benny bravely said: "We are friends of the princess, we come to her." It turned out that the king did not agree with Aina to take risks, and Aina didn't want to eat anything now. Li Qi asked the Cavaliers: "Let's go in and meet the King." The Cavaliers agreed very quickly. Benny said to Liqi: "Let's go to the king and let the king agree to Aina to take risks." After Benny and Liqi discussed with the king for a long time, the king finally agreed. But the last day of the year must come back. If you don't, you can't take risks. Li Qi and Jenny are very happy, and after Aina knows, she is also very happy.hree girls gave themselves a group name called I. B. L, Chinese means "Ai Bi Li". The three girls reluctantly bid farewell to their families and began their own singing adventure. Next, they are about to start taking risks. What fun things will happen to them? Please pay attention to the next chapter.e girls came to the candy castle, and they were ready to sing their wonderful songs to everyone in the candy castle. However, it must be approved by the Queen of Candyburg.to the candy castle, it is like a fairyland. It��s really a candy castle, there are so many different sweets. This time, Benny is very happy, because everyone knows that Benny is the favorite to eat candy, and the greedy Benny immediately gorged. Suddenly, a very beautiful little girl said in her gentle voice: "Excuse me, are you?" Aina immediately introduced her origins to the little girl and told the little girls that they were taking risks. Of course, the little girl introduced herself politely: "I am a candy princess, you can call me Candy Lily, and I welcome you very much." Benny screamed: "Well. Sugar Lini, weird name..." Li Qi hopes that Li Lini can take them to find the candy queen, and Li Lini promised arrogantly. Rini brought three girls together to the Queen's room - Sugar Palace. Aina "wow" screamed, and Jenny said anxiously; "What's the matter? Aina." Aina replied: "How beautiful is here! Beautiful than the palace of our country." Sugar Lini Smile Cigarettes Newport Online, smile...g the Queen, the three girls introduced themselves to the Queen politely. Lina said to the Queen: "Queen, we like singing very much. We want to bring our wonderful songs to all the people in Candy Castle, so that everyone can get happiness from them. I hope the Queen can agree." The Queen replied: It is our pleasure to come to our candy castle, I agree very much." Three girls are ecstaticly, the three girls won the praise of the villagers with the help of the Queen. The three girls have mixed feelings because they know that they have already taken the "first step" of their dreams, but their dreams are just beginning, they will continue their own singing adventures.smates, do you also have your own dreams? If not, then quickly customize your dreams, let us work together for the dream!

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