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The whole body is furry and has two clever ears. It��s like a coffee-like exhaustion. Run faster than the wind, the tail of the woolen thread and the black pearly eyes. who is it? The puppy is not cute, the kitten's hair is not soft. It is a little rabbit skin.
e skill of the rabbit skin also makes you feel amazed. Its several skills make the magician feel guilty Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, make the players feel scared, and let the cleaners want to commit suicide.1: Stealth day at noon, I went to the bunny's mansion, the rabbit cage in the toilet, and fed it. Looking at the water in my hand Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online, the red and tender carrots, my saliva is really flying down three thousand feet, can be changed and thought: This is the food of the rabbit. Hey? Why didn't the bunny disappear? After I looked at the door Cigarettes Wholesale Online, I looked at the toilet and looked at the wash basin. Nowhere, did it run? I was full of doubts and re-scanned the toilet. Suddenly, a black shadow grabbed the radish in my hand and landed Buy Newport 100 Cigarettes Online. It was a rabbit skin.turned out that it had been hiding in the hidden seam behind the toilet.ll 2: Engravingn he went out to drink water for the little Pippi, it had quietly completed a piece of art. As soon as I opened the toilet door, I was shocked. The original carrot had a beautiful pattern on the carrot. Some were spiral squares, some were rounded in shape, some were square bricks, and even the carrots were crying. Xiaopi Pipi is such a "superman free", you see, is it powerful? year's National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are together. For a full eight-day holiday, our students naturally relax, so our family came to Guangyuan, the hometown of Wu Zetian. I came to Guangyuan, I first paid tribute to the Huangze Temple. It was originally built in the Tang Kaiyuan years, formerly known as "Wu Nu Temple", and later changed to "Huang Ze Temple" with the meaning of "Huang En Hao Dang, Ze and Hometown". It not only has a very high cultural value, but also has a high appreciation and research value, and is praised by experts as a treasure of Chinese traditional culture.ing into the gate of Huangze Temple, the first thing to see is the Second Temple. The main hall is in the middle of the main hall. It is dedicated to the Second Saint: Tang Gaozong and Wu Zetian, which contain the only statue of Wu Zetian. After the Second Temple, it is the Temple of Heaven. In history, it was called "Wuhou Zhenrong Temple" and "The Temple of Heaven".er visiting the exhibition of pictures and texts, I deeply understood Wu Zetian��s great contribution to history. As the historical evaluation said: she attacked the conservative gatekeepers with extraordinary courage; and promoted the economy with decisive measures. Development; accepting multiculturalism with broad minds; promoting cultural development with an open-minded system. She paid tribute to her sacredness, read the evaluation of history, and listened to vivid explanations. I couldn't help but feel a thousand emotions. I can only use her praises of great men to sum up her great achievements: "Wu Zetian is indeed a ruling country Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, she has both The volume of people, the wisdom of knowing people, and the skill of employing people." Mao Zedong's incisive evaluation not only comprehensively sums up Wu Zetian's personality temperament, but also shows the leader of a generation of great people. visiting the Huangze Temple, we came to Phoenix Mountain, especially the Phoenix Building. In the Phoenix Building of Xiongju Guangyuan, there are not only the fascinating magical legends, but also the indescribable female image from the Mulan of the father��s army to the young, but unyielding Liu Hulan. I have to admire: "They are not the pride of our women!"

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