"Is it enough? Since we

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"Is it enough? Since we are all like this, we must face the reality, then we should live a good life of our mice, and it will be an adventure!" Renault sighed. "Well, I am a little hungry." Xu Yi licked his stomach. "Then come hungry to other mice! Otherwise Cigarette Wholesale Online, you have to be chased as soon as you go out." Renault sighed.y fell asleep, and they slept the next morning.e, the particles are getting up, and they are getting up. I haven't seen you so lazy!" The shout of a big mouse shook the earth and woke up Renault and Xu Yi. Xu Yi blinked and asked in a confused way: "Hey is Joe, is it a particle?" Renault also stretched out, but his eyes opened, complaining: "It has become a mouse, let us I can't sleep well?" The other mouse didn't know when he entered the door. He smiled at Renault and Xu Yi and said, "My son, it's weird today. You used to only shoot the patriarch's horse. Fart, how do you start your mouth today? I still don��t know my name... Oh! I know, it��s definitely what you discussed last night, so don��t be kidding, you��ll be looking for food!��ult quietly approached Xu Yi and said to him whisperly: "Hey, brother, I know, I, Joe, you, is a particle, remember, don't get confused." Xu Yi nodded slightly. Xu Yi tempted to ask the "patriarch": "Well, I am hungry now, do you have something to eat?" I didn't expect the patriarch to ignore it. "Let's find it for yourself. Like us, we are mice in this life, have something to eat." I have eaten it myself!" Xu Yi was silent.ult pulled Xu Yi to the door of the cave. "It seems that we really have to find something to eat ourselves..." Xu Yi nodded. "They are in this family in the Internet cafe! The two real mice are lucky." Hey, maybe they are enjoying happiness in our house now, hehe!�� Renault said firmly: ��Now, we must first understand the characters of this mouse family and their living habits. We are always so embarrassed...�� Hey, I haven��t been so serious yet! I don��t want to talk for a lifetime, I��m going to speak Mandarin! I swear, if we can change back to humanity, then I must be a good boy!�� Xu Yi has a big tone. "Well, wait until we can really go back and talk about it. Let's just find a mouse and interrogate it!"y are waitinge appears in their field of vision. Yeah, it was the big white mouse that I met on the Internet cafe that day! Renault touched Xu Yi's body with his front paws, his mouth lifted and he gestured to the past. Xu Yi shook his head, Renault was helpless, and said: "The courage is really small, you don't go to me!" Renault ran forward and grabbed the big white mouse.ey, ask you," said Renault. "Hey, Joe, don't be so rude! Let me go!" the big white mouse shouted. Renault loosened his hand and said, "Oh, sorry Cigarettes Sales, ask you a word." It waved and let Xu Yi come to it Carton Of Newports 100. particle, something anecdote, go, go find it with me!" The white mouse pulled them both to run. "Hey, wait, tell you, ask you a word, go, go there." Renault pointed to a hidden triangle there. "No, no, there is a human being who wants to poison our medicine! You don't remember Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, your mother is eating a rat poison Wholesale Cigarette. We all hate that place, you are fine..." "That's good." Let me tell you a safe and concealed place," Xu Yi said. "Oh, that! Humans don't usually go there," it pointed to behind a large stone outside an Internet cafe. got there together. "Well, can you tell me some people in the mouse family, and some of your habits?" Xu Yi spoke first, don't think it doesn't care, but it's more exciting than Renault., you have no problem, the brothers have lost their memories?! No... Oh, I know, you must be joking, acting, right? Haha, I will cooperate with you! Let me, think. Understand ɶ." The white mouse is very cheerful.ll, what is your name?" "My name is melon." "Oh... what mice are there in my family?" "Well... your father, that is, the patriarch. Your uncle, your brother's brother. Um... Your mother died last year." "Who are you?" "Friends." "How many mice are there in the mouse family?" "There are many, in this area, your father is managing, that is, The patriarch." "Okay, the interview is over." Renault breathed a sigh of relief. "Wow, it��s fun, what are you doing?" "Well, nothing, just play, you think it��s fun, hehe." Xu Yi replied with a smile. "Or, let's talk about it!" said the melon. "Ah, I want to go find something to eat first..." Renault said with a sullen stomach. "Hey, just talk for a while!" "Yes!" Xu Yi said quickly.

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