Family is like a thin face towel, invisible

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Family is like a thin face towel, invisible, but it quietly sneaked into your life... ����Inscriptionis summer, my parents decided to send me to the aunt's house in the country for a few days. On this day, my father and I traveled long distances, and we were exhausted, but the inner passion drove me to speed up and walk to a commissary opened by my aunt Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Looking at the messy furnishings of the canteen, my passion was ruined a lot. But the enthusiasm of my aunt and grand cousin Yuanyuan has stirred my heart. I generously greeted them, talked and laughed, and got along very well. Because my aunt has two daughters, I saw her eldest daughter, her little daughter? I glanced glanced at the commissary and found that the little cousin Xiaoqin was watching TV, but it didn't seem very happy. I am very enthusiastic, by the luggage and the little cousin Xiaoqin who is watching TV in the middle of the road. "Xiao Qin, can you get up and let your sister put the luggage in?" I said with a smile. For a long while, she ignored me, and her mouth whispered and whispered something. This made me very unhappy, thinking: You are too rude, I am talking to you in a good language, but you ignore me, I have not bullied you. Thinking about it, a burst of violent voice interrupted my meditation: "What are you doing here? Not getting up Marlboro Cigarettes Online, let your sister go in!" According to the sound, it turned out to be the cousin Yuanyuan. Looking at my sister's anger, the little cousin Xiaoqin stood up reluctantly Marlboro Red 100S. I politely said "thank you" to them, but found Xiaoqin glaring at me, I am not willing to show weakness, and looked back at her. In the following time, I got along well with my aunt, Yuanyuan, and my neighbors. Only Xiaoqin, like I have a hatred, never let me go. I watched TV with Yuanyuan, she always rushed to change Taiwan; I and Yuanyuan wash the dishes, she deliberately sprinkled dirty water on our faces; I played games with my friends, she tried every means to destroy... and, She also made us angry for no reason, quarreling with her, which made me not like this little cousin. It��s so easy to get to the night, I thought that this time I could always calm down for a while. Who knows what happened during the day is just a prelude to the storm, and the terrible is still behind! I just came out after the shower Carton Of Newports, and the screaming quarrel came to my ears. "How do you do it? Just give you the tied hair, you are messed up?" Yuanyuan said angrily. "Okay, okay, you don't want to quarrel!" I kindly advised, but my persuasion didn't work at all.ow? No? You are so ugly tied, I will pull!" Xiaoqin said quite tied up ugly, then you tied yourself!" Yuanyuan countered Marlboro Cigarettes. ... For a long time, the storm stopped. The two sides fought a cold war. At this time, my aunt smiled at me: "Don't be surprised, the two of them are like that, at least a few dozens a day, and they will be reconciled in a while." I also had no choice but to smile. Five minutes later, I really didn't expect my aunt to be reconciled. At this time, my "friendly ambassador" has "made meritorious deeds": "Since you have such a good relationship, what kind of frame is it?" Yuan Yuan sighed and said helplessly: "She is looking for me, I am again. Is there any way?" I am not good at what to say, but fortunately, this dinner has passed quietly. After half an hour, I have to sleep. Because the commissary was very narrow, I had to squeeze a bed with the two cousins. "Three people sleep on the same side, certainly can't sleep, who are you sleeping on the other side?" asked the aunt. Because I am a guest, I am preparing to say that I am sleeping on the other side. But before I could answer my answer, the aunt's sentence ignited the quarrel between the two cousins ??as the fuse line - because no one wants to sleep on the other side. In the end, Yuanyuan also carried forward the "humility spirit" and slept on the other side, Xiaoqin and I slept on the same side. Because Xiaoqin is very naughty, I asked inadvertently before I fell asleep: "Xiaoqin, can you kick and kick after you fall asleep?" Xiaoqin said sternly: "Of course not! But I will have a nightmare." Wake up, especially the dream of my sister leaving me to study in the field..." A sour taste rushed from the heart to the tip of the nose. Xiaoqin��s words made me suddenly stunned... That night, I tossed and turned, thinking constantly The words that Xiaoqin said to me constantly remembered what Xiaoqin did during the day, and finally got the answer: It turns out that Xiaoqin is not really tempered, but she is afraid that others will steal her sister, so they are friends. Very unfriendly; she is afraid that her sister will go to school in the field, she will lose her sister, so deliberately provoke her sister to be angry, so that her sister is entangled in her, never leave her! Looking at Xiaoqin's sleep, listening to her whispering the voice of "sister", I groaned inside - this little age, eccentric little girl also has colorful emotions, but also a lovely side - she chose I deeply buried my sister��s deep affection in my heart, and I didn��t want to say it to the outside world. What I showed outside was the sisterhood of her and her sister��s towel.

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