Kneeling on the window sill,

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Kneeling on the window sill, the rain outside the window has been going down, and even the corners of the street have become blurred. The air is not only rain, but also a bit sad and embarrassing. After the storm, I accidentally looked up and found that the sky raised a colorful rainbow, like the ribbon that the winner wielded, how beautiful it is. This is the beauty brought by the wind and rain to the world. There is a rainbow after the storm.n't know why, when I was a child, I especially liked music. I like to snuggle around my grandfather and listen to him singing Beijing opera. I like to listen to her pop songs on my mother's back. I like to sit on my father's old bicycle and listen to my dad singing. Old song..ause I am too obsessed with music Marlboro Lights, my mother sent me to the keyboard tutorial early, let me touch the strange key. I fell in love withince then, there has been a series of basic piano sounds in my room, letting sweat flow through my cheeks, and letting me climb to my back, I always insist on constantly watering the seeds of my dreams.e students laughed at my short fingers and couldn't figure out where they were playing. The teacher said that I was short and not suitable for playing the piano, but I never gave up, but the failures again and again killed my confidence in music. Am I really suitable for playing the piano? I asked myself. I feel that I have a river from my dreams. This river is very wide and long, and I can't see the other side.ally want to give up! The staff is like a messy wire, and the notes above are clearly uneasy birds! The birds flew around and made me unable to tell whether the top is the starting point or the end.y mother seemed to see my thoughts and said to me: "How can I see the rainbow without going through the storm? Beethoven has such a brilliant life, but his life has suffered setbacks. He did not choose to give up. He wrote the most gorgeous. Music!other��s words aroused my passion for music and regained my courage to music. I feel that although I have a long and wide river from my dreams, there is a bridge above, as long as I bravely walk to the other side, victory. Just ahead.ontinued to indulge in the ocean of music. I plugged in the wings of music and soared. I finally walked over the bridge and saw the glory of victory. I saw the fruit of my accomplishment! Today, my mother and I came home from the supermarket and saw a respectable professional Marlboro Cigarettes. They are not far from us, they are just a group of hawkers. And this time we saw a cockroach selling sweet potatoes.t thousand miles". I think that sweet potato should be good! I followed the taste and pulled my mother to the sweet potato stand Marlboro Gold Pack. The sweet potato was seen coming to me, and the big door called us to buy two pieces. Her crawling wrinkled face and dry lips were full of smiles. So, I pointed to the biggest piece called mom, but my mother said that it was not good Newport Cigarettes Price. The old man actually smiled and said: "Little girl, ginger is still old and spicy. If you look at you, you will not know much about your mother!" I was so angry that she laughed at me, and it was very strange - people buy things. They all said how good their famld man lowered his head and gently picked up the sweet potato, for fear that the clip would be broken. I looked down and looked at her, her fat face, her hair in the back of her head. The eyes were concentrating on the work on hand, and the forehead was covered with deep, long wrinkles, and the pair of gloves that were worn out of the fingers recorded the bitter path she had walked. She skillfully tore off a piece of wrapping paper, "stinged", tore so loudly, and pulled a plastic bag from the car, she just glanced, the plastic bag opened, and then put the sweet potato in. Mother asked her: "Several pieces?" "Two pieces." "Two pieces?" I asked. "Hey? Expensive?" "Not expensive." I took the money out of my pocket and gave it to her. I can't wait to open the bag and take a bite How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, fragrant, alt. There are many people crossing the road, but few people buy it. I live only with that meager income every day, but I have not lost my sincere heart. Such hawkers really deserve

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