Spring is coming again, it is a new

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Spring is coming again, it is a new starting point, a new journey. It is spring in the year. Who is the sweat in the spring fields Marlboro Cigarettes, harvesting the fruits in the autumn branches, who is planting the ideal in the spring sunshine, and harvesting happiness in the embrace of autumn. Effort is a life attitude, hard work is a kind of life motivation, fate will always favor those who have ideals. child from the countryside. You can laugh at my poverty, but my ideals cannot be discriminated against. Are we not living in an ideal? I like to paint, and on the day of my mother's womb, I have a close relationship with art. But in the past, the economic conditions at home could not satisfy my wishes. But I never gave up. I didn't get the support of my family in the past Marlboro Red 100S. Some of the simplest painting tools didn't. I didn't complain about life. Is this the reason for me to give up? I want to prove that people should imagine to a beautiful future, and only lofty ideals can guide themselves forward. Maybe one day in the future, there will be a famous master of painting in China - hehe, it is me!the painting tools I used when I was a child were extremely simple, the works I used to draw were often denied and ridiculed, but I was not discouraged. One day my "sketching" was actually affirmed. My persistence touched my parents, they no longer opposed me, and provided me with better tools. Ordinary and simple ideals, I use the only insistence to support it. Gradually I grew up a lot, my living conditions improved, my parents were so hard, and I was able to complete my ideals in a better environment - I transferred. The new school attaches great importance to art, and the art teacher also attaches great importance to me. After the teacher recommended, I joined the art interest class. I feel like I have inserted a pair of invisible wings, getting closer and closer to the dream. It's hard for me to say what I can't do, because yesterday's ideals can be today's hopes, and can also be the reality of tomorrow - this is the belief that ys that followed, I kept paying, and opportunities always shrouded me. Success will come to me from time to time. At the beginning, I won some awards on campus, slowly in the district, the city, and even the country. My work "Mother's Hope to Return" won the second prize in the National Children's Printmaking Competition, and there is a thousand yuan bonus! This thousand yuan is the first wealth of my painting, but the ideal is the "wealth" of my life! I always have the ideal, because with it, no one will look down on our rural children, no one will discriminate against the poor children's attachment to the ideal. In a sense, I am not poor, and those who are poor are those who do not have ideals. The most precious wealth of mankind is the ideal Marlboro Lights. If human beings are unfortunate enough to look at the present, the kind of person will not plant again, no longer pl of life lies in the experience. If you have not experienced the rough, how can you appreciate the joy of success; if you have not experienced the harsh winter, how can you cherish the sunshine of this spring sun, how can you experience it without going through the rugged mountain road? The breadth of the flat road Marlboro Gold Pack, there is always a fall in life, urging us to grow in an instant, there is always a storm, let us learn to be strong. "Laughter" and "discrimination" are certain. However, after the storm, it is a rainbow. After the darkness, it will be the dawn. In the sky, it will always be a strong eagle. Life will be interpreted in the frustrations. If you want to turn your ideal into reality, you will encounter all kinds of difficulties on the wayeals do not abandon the painstaking pursuit, as long as you do not stop pursuing, you will bathe in the glory of ideals Cigarette Online.

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